Monday, April 15, 2013

Reader's Diary #983- Benoit Lelievre: Full Moon

What I assume an American child's floor looks like when he dumps his Halloween bag.
Always looking for new sources of online short stories, I came across Shotgun Honey, a online Canadian magazine specializing in crime/ noir flash fiction. Looking through their archives I settled on "Full Moon" by Benoit Lelievre, a writer from Montreal.

 Benoit's story takes place in a bar in Vegas. There are four guys with guns pointed at/ jammed into one another. How did they get into this situation?

Perhaps it's the Vegas setting, but its unfolding reminded me somewhat of the Hangover but with more guns. It's the pattern of unfolding that Lelievre employs that makes the story zip along and gives it its charm-- assuming you're into pulp fiction noir. (Not surprisingly, Tarantino is named checked.)

Reading the comments that follow the story, I was disappointed that some people requested a sequel and that Benoit considered it. I liked the ending just fine as it was. Given all the gun-control talk in the U.S. at the moment, one could take the concluding paragraph as a political statement. However, it would seem to me that the primary goal of the piece was simply to entertain. And it did.

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