Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reader's Diary #989- The New King James Version Bible: The Book of Zechariah

Pete Best was an original chariot driver, but he was cut...

Almost through the Old Testament, I'm finally able to see some patterns emerging; I'm able to group certain books and verses. There's the tedious manual/catalogue writing (how to prepare a sacrifice, build an ark or temple, who begat who). There are the Sunday school classics (Jonah and the whale, Noah and the ark, Daniel in the den of lions). There's the YOU'RE ALL SINNERS WHO NEVER LEARN AND YOU'LL PAY FOR IT message (which is repeated over and over and over). And then, not nearly as common but wildly fascinating, there's psychedelic stuff (giant eyeball wheels, flying fire snakes).

The first few chapters of The Book of Zechariah are in that latter, "I Am The Walrus" territory, and it's here we meet the legendary four horsemen of the apocalypse. It also wanders into apocalyptic territory, so it should be of particular interest in our end-of-days obsessed culture. Throw in some prophecies and The Book of Zechariah makes for some interesting reading.

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