Friday, May 17, 2013

Canadian Authors Missing in Action- Results

There's a scene in This is Spinal Tap when the band is delighted to hear one of their old classics on the radio. Their mood is crushed however when the dj comes on the air afterwards and saying that Spinal Tap is in the "'Where Are They Now?' file." It's sad because they hadn't retired.

Hopefully this is not the case with the authors who we nagged last week when I asked you "Which (living) Canadian authors have you missed the most?" referring to authors whose last published works you felt were way too long ago. We know it's not the case with the 2nd place author, Joseph Boyden. His latest novel The Orenda is scheduled to come out in September. But what about the author we missed the most...

1. Andrew Davidson- 5 year's since The Gargoyle (One of my favourite books from that year, by the way)

Joseph Boyden, as we said above came in 2nd place. For third there was a 4 way tie for Jacqueline Baker, Alexi Zentner, Dianne Warren, and Ann-Marie MacDonald. In fourth, you were equally missing Steve Zipp, Alistair MacLeod. And finally, Bernice Morgan, Jessica Grant, and Dalene Flannigan are being missed.

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