Monday, May 06, 2013

Reader's Diary #996- Liliana V. Blum, translated by Toshiya Kamei: A New Faith

Yesterday, seeing as it was Cinco de Mayo, I went looking for a short story by a Mexican author. I hit the jackpot with Liliana V. Blum's "A New Faith," seeing as it's also written in the 2nd person, which as my long time readers can begrudgingly attest, is sort of an obsession of mine.

In "A New Faith" the reader takes the role of a nun in a Mexican convent. The nun clearly doesn't fit in at the convent and it's slowly revealed that it wasn't exactly her choice in the first place. She soon develops an attraction to the priest and that develops into an obsession. And did the priest orchestrate the whole thing?

Intriguing and as provocative as the plot is, I was more uncomfortable with the surrealism than the content. Granted, a lot of the surrealistic moments described dream sequences and as dreams are surrealistic by nature you could say it was actually realistic, not surrealistic after all. But there was a whole bit about owls that existed outside the dreamt parts that I gather was meant to be symbolic of something or to show that the nun was descending into madness or something, but after one read through I'm not getting it. It didn't ruin the story for me, just gives me reason to reread it again later and see if I can pick sense into it.

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