Monday, May 06, 2013

Reader's Diary #997- The New King James Version Bible: The Book of Malachi

I've finally completed the Old Testament. One might say it's a testament to my patience to have made it this far. Then again, one might not.

The Book of Malachi, while similar in theme to many of the books that came before it, appears a little more focused. Advising people against their sinful ways, Malachi specifically addresses priests for not offering meaningful sacrifices, like giving up brussel sprouts for Lent.

Of course, most would agree that the repetitive messages are not the most significant feature of the Book of Malachi. The most important feature, many would say are the messianic prophecies, which perfect set up the sequel. And not in a wait until the credits roll past for Nick Fury to show up sort of way either.

I'm looking forward to the New Testament. I'm looking forward to what I assume will be a softer tone and perhaps more narrative. For a lot of reasons I'm glad I read the Old Testament, but the repetition and harshness started to get to me after a while.


Carrie K said...

But you read the Old Testament in The One True Version. Okay, my favorite version. Not that I've done this. Congratulations! I think the NT will be much easier going. Plus Revelations, which is always fairly trippy.

John Mutford said...

Carrie: Not entirely in that version. I began with the old King James version, switched to the Good News version and finally settled on, which I agree with you is the best version, the New King James.