Friday, May 10, 2013

The Weekly Book Question- Canadian Authors who are Missing in Action

While last week's question didn't drum up enough responses to get a true top 10, I'm hoping that Raidergirl's suggestion will help. This week, I'll open it up to three votes per person. But make sure to rank them with your top choice as #1 and so on. If you can't think of 3, feel free to just vote for 1 or 2. Your top choice will get 6pts, your 2nd choice will get 4pts and your last choice will get 2pts.

 Even if we don't get a top 10 list this week, we'll at least inspire some of these authors to pick up the pen again. Which authors? Those Canadian authors who are still living but leaving their fans waiting impatiently for their next book. Now we don't want to rush quality, we just want to encourage them by saying, "we loved your last book SOOOOO much that it's feeling like FOREVER since you last published anything."

Perhaps you're like me, wishing for Joseph Boyden to finally publish another novel. It's been 5 years since Through Black Spruce and he once told me that he envisioned it, along with Three Day Road, as a trilogy. So the final installment would be nice. Not that he's been slacking— he did publish a non-fiction Louis Riel/ Gabriel Dumont joint biography in 2010.

I've also been thinking about Ann-Marie MacDonald lately. It's been a whole decade since her last novel, The Way the Crow Flies. 9 years since she's published any writing, with the play Belle Moral having been published in 2004.

A few other names that come to mind are Bernice Morgan (6 years since Cloud of Bone), Heather O'Neill (7 years since Lullabies for Little Criminals), Steve Zipp (6 years since Yellowknife), Barbara Gowdy (6 years since Helpless), Lawrence Hill (6 years since the Book of Negroes), Andrew Davidson (5 years since The Gargoyle), Steven Galloway (5 years since The Cellist of Sarajevo), and Mary Lawson (7 years since The Other Side of the Bridge).

Feel free to vote for some of these, but if you other suggestions feel free to vote for someone different.

Which (living) Canadian authors have you missed the most?


Nikki in Niagara said...

This is easy for me! Every once in a while I go and check to see if Jacqueline Baker has written anything since her debut novel "The Horseman's Graves" in 2007. I absolutely loved it and was so eager for her follow-up novel, but I've about given up hope.

John Mutford said...

My top vote is for Andrew Davidson, followed by Steve Zipp, followed by Joseph Boyden.

raidergirl3 said...

Oh yeah, Steve Zipp. Yellowknife was awesome!

My votes will be for: Andrew Davidson (would love to see what else he could write - Gargoyle was phenomenal), Alistair MacLeod (amazing, although his son is now publishing, so there's that at least) ,and Bernice Morgan.

(but Mary Lawson, Lori Lansens, and Steven Galloway can feel free to also write some more as well, and hurry up about it)

gypsysmom said...

My top vote would go to Joseph Boyden but I did see a mention somewhere that he has a book coming out in the fall so maybe we won't have to wait for too much longer. Second would be Andrew Davidson and third would be Jessica Grant. It was 2009 when Come, Thou Tortoise came out so not as long as some of the others but I haven't heard anything of her in that time whereas Boyden and Davidson have more of a presence in the media. (In fact Boyden has a really nice article in today's Globe and Mail about his mother.)

Sarah M said...

My vote goes to Aleix Zentner and Dalene Flannigan. Both published in 2011, but I'm ready for another book from each.

rasiqra/revulva said...

i'd like to cast a vote for ann-marie macdonald! i'd love to see some new written work from her (though i have also really appreciated some of her semi-recent stage performances, and can't say i'd be apt to complain if she chose to do more acting for the time being); she's absolutely one of my favourites!

Melwyk said...

There are so many, but I'd vote for Dianne Warren. I loved her 2010 novel Cool Water but haven't heard about any new works in progress yet..... and since she seems to publish on average with 8 year gaps, I hope a new book comes quicker than that!