Saturday, July 06, 2013

Reader's Diary #1036- The New King James Version Bible: The Gospel of Mark

 Bring forth the rhythm and the rhyme.
I think I let a little too much time pass between reading the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Mark. I knew that many of the details of Jesus's life would be recounted, but I'd hoped to compare the two versions. What details were left out, added, or changed? But being distracted with summer life, I waited a bit too long and I couldn't, without looking it up, see how the two books varied. (Fortunately the internet is full of Biblical summaries and analyses.)

I won't go into a lot of detail about this gospel, but I will say I've been enjoying the story about John the Baptist's beheading. Not that I've anything against him, just that I find it super interesting. I felt at the time that there was something almost Shakespearean about it, except that it was written about 500 years prior to Shakespeare. Still it's not hard to imagine Herodias as a Shakespearean villainess. Oddly this was a story I'd not heard before (or had and forgot), until I went to France last year. The Louvre must have a thousand heads of John on a platter. Here's a couple of the ones I snapped:

Anyway, with two more Gospels to go and apparently with a lot of repetition, I won't comment much further for now or else I'll have nothing left to say!


Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

Awesome trip for you to have taken!
and intrigued at your Shakespeare slant. Unfortunately, the reality bites more than a story... Great post intro / continuation of your journey thru the gospels. Looking forward to more ;)

Unknown said...

You might be interested in looking for a book on the origins of the Bible. Unfortunately, I can't remember which book I read, but it stated that the gospels were all based on a Book of Jesus Sayings and all came from a different community:
Matthew - Judea
Mark - Alexandria
Luke - Rome
John - Greece
Also, Mark was the first gospel written, and John was the last.