Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Vacation Souvenir Books?

I hope this isn't akin to uploading a picture of my most recent meal, but here are the books I picked up on my recent road trip to the Yukon and Alaska:
That's Dick Stevenson's The Saga of the Sourtoe, Laura Beatrice Berton's I Married the Klondike, Keith Halliday's Yukon River Ghost and Benedict and Nancy Freedman's Mrs. Mike. Read any of these?

My most common vacation souvenir's are mugs, t-shirts, and suitcase patches. But I do like picking up local lit as well. Do you buy souvenir books on vacation? And if so, any recent finds you'd like to share?

Update (Aug. 11): Just found another souvenir book that I'd bought on this trip: Al Pope's Bad Latitudes. This was on my TBR list for some time and was able to track it down at Whitehorse's wonderful Well-Read Books.


Nan said...

I've heard of Mrs Mike so often over the years but have never read it. Maybe it is time. Thanks. And I always buy books on vacation. :<)

Melwyk said...

I like to buy local books on vacation as well, there is always something regional that is appealing! I keep meaning to read "I Married the Klondike" but haven't got to it yet.

Anonymous said...

I recently read (but didn't review - blush) I married the Klondike - and I liked it. Also Mrs Mike was a standard when I was in high school; I've read it multiple times, though not in the last couple of decades. ;-)I remember it fondly; perhaps time to dig it out & reread it.

We ALWAYS buy books while on vacation; they do make the very best souvenirs. (Also those "I was here" souvenir stickers which we collect to paste on our old camper, but which are getting really really hard to find. Apparently people do not like to "deface" their recreational vehicles any more, plus many are driving rentals. We're so far behind the curve in some ways...) ;-)

Barb (in B.C.)