Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Reader's Diary #1069- The New King James Version Bible: The Book of Romans

Jesus said, "Do unto... TOGA! TOGA!"
There's a scene at the end of most Harry Potter books when Rowling uses Voldemort (or the occasional other villain) to explain the plot that led to this moment. It's certainly not limited to Rowling— detective novels are known for that sort of thing as well— but it was fun (if unintentionally sacrilegious) to compare the apostle Paul to Voldemort.

It's not that Paul sums up the entire Bible up to that point, but it is quite notable how he tries to reconcile the Old Testament to the New— as Jesus had to do more than a few times prior to that. To do so, Paul reinterprets the meaning of previous scripture, deciding what should be taken literally or not. It's interesting because interpreting Paul's words becomes a bit of a reflection of a reflection of a reflection. (Sorry, I've been listening to the new Arcade Fire lately and had to work it in.)

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

So you are saying the old ploy of having the evil villain explain how he caught the hero in his trap (thereby allowing the hero time to escape) is an even older ploy than we realized?