Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Reader's Diary #1079- Kelly Bingham and illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky: Z is for Moose

I don't remember the last time that I wrote about a picture book. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, I don't need to remember anything. It was December 23rd last year. Anyway, now that my own kids have moved on to comics and chapter books, it's rare that we revisit picture books, rarer still that I feel compelled to write about one.

But Z is for Moose, by Kelly Bingham and Paul O. Zelinsky is just that good. My entire family laughed hysterically. Alphabets are a strange breed of books lately, seemingly as popular as they ever were, but on a whole slew of topics and at reading levels well beyond those learning the alphabet. I'm not judging those but none have really captured my attention like this one.

In Z is for Moose, a Zebra is writing an alphabet book and his impatient, overly enthusiastic friend Moose cannot wait for his turn, interrupting Zebra over and over again. But when Zebra finally makes it to M and chooses Mouse instead, the moose droppings hit the proverbial fan. Despite it all, it has a happy ending.

Quirky characters, fun text and word play, clever and silly drawings— this is what a children's book should be.

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Nan said...

Sounds delightful, and I shall look for it. Now that my kids are grown, I find myself searching out some picture books. They are often so very wonderful.