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10 From 100- A Profile of Canadian Book Challenge participant JULES

John's Preamble: In the 10 From 100 profiles so far, I've included some background info about the participant in addition to their interview questions. With Jules I think I'll let her brief online profiles do the talking. From Library Thing:
26 year old Library Technician. Who is a huge book geek and loves to share what I read with others. I always have a few books on the go, and own more books than my poor bookshelves can hold. Also an avid coffee drinker and sci-fi geek.
From her blog:
Late-twenty something Law Library Technician by day. Book Fanatic always. I read from all sorts of genres, with focus on Canadian literature and authors. I'm constantly reading, either by book, Kobo or Ipad (mostly book) usually with a cup of coffee near by and my cat in my lap. Life is good.
From Twitter:
Bookworm, Avid Reader, Cat lover, Drinker of Wine and Coffee, Ontario, Canada
So what have we learned? She's a book lover from Ontario and seems to drink a lot of coffee.

Let's see what else we can find out:

10 FROM 100

1.      What is your history of pet ownership?

I grew up with dogs, Coco, Heidi, Chopper and TJ, although my family got TJ after I'd moved out. Coco and Heidi who were both girls. They were mutts, but they did have some Scotch Collie in them. Chopper  was a black lab Sheppard cross, we got him when in my first year of high school. TJ was a chocolate lab cross, he came some time during university, or maybe it was later when I was in college. All four dogs have left the family, and now they now have Maggie and Rosie.

After I moved out and finally had my own permanent place I got a cat. I've wanted a cat since I could say I wanted a cat. My first cat was Tonks, a small, short haired calico girl. (Named after the Harry Potter character.) She has a interesting personality, and I think has inherited some of my personality, both good and bad traits - I swear she learned that glare from me. Two years later I moved in with my partner, he had a Carmel Tipped Himalayan - a beautiful, but older cat, named Mouse. Since Tonks was two at the time, we got our third cat so she'd have someone to bug who wasn't older, and wanting to enjoy a quiet peaceful house, which is how Lupin, a grey, giant, medium haired boy came to live with us. He's a sweetheart, loves to chat with you in the morning, and chases Tonks around the house. Mouse passed on at the beginning of last year, but the other two cats are happy and  healthy.

2.   What is a charity you support?

I support a few charities, but the ones I've supported the most in the past few years are both The Canadian and Ontario Schizophrenia Associations, both are an important charities to me, as is advocating for mental health awareness in general. I also support the Love of Reading Charity.

3.   Are you a summer or winter person?

Summer or Winter? Neither, I'm a fall person. I love the colours, the smell, the cool crisp air, the lack of (sometimes) snow.....

4.   You have five choices of pizza topping. Go:
Chicken, Basil, Red Peppers, Goat Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese.  Unless Mozzarella doesn't count, like sauce, then Spinach would be number five.

5.   Are your Canadian Book Challenge choices pre-picked and are you following any theme?

I sometimes follow a mini-theme, last year I tried to read at least thirteen new-to-me Canadian authors and this year, I'm trying to read one book from each Canadian Province/Territory.  I do have a list of books from each province that are potential books to be read, and in some cases my choices are limited, so that list, is my list to read. But in most cases, I just pick books that interest me.

6.   Quantity or quality?

In what books? Chocolate? Hmm, the answer to both is quality. I rather read less books that are good reads, than read a whole bunch that, well suck or don't appeal to me. As for chocolate, well there isn't a lot of bad chocolate out there, but why eat a lot of good chocolate, when you can eat, a lot of top quality chocolate? I think the chocolate is a tie for both.

7.   Do you read on an electronic device and if so, which one? If not, why?

I read on my Kobo, it's always with me. I never thought I'd warm up to the idea of en EReader, but I love it, it's handy, you don't lose your page when you shove the book back into your bag, and the next book is there when you finish one. I still prefer physical books over electronic ones, but it has its uses. It's also good to help save space, since my bookshelves are near to collapsing. And, you don't have to worry about losing your spot if you fall asleep while reading, or if you have a bookmark stealing cat.

8.   Which Canadian author have you read the most?

I think that one is a tie between Margaret Atwood and Kelley Armstrong, both are around the 13 - 14 books read a piece.

9.   How long have you been participating in the Canadian Book Challenge?

I started out during the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge, so that was 2008-2009. For me it would have been very late 2008 or early 2009, since I didn't start blogging until August 2008, I've been joining in ever since

10.   Where is your favourite reading place?
In a big arm chair, preferably in front of a fireplace. But, I don't have that set up yet. I do have an arm chair in my office, which I call the library, as it's where all the books live. The chair is conveniently placed beside the book shelves. Usually there's a cup of coffee and a bookmark stealing cat nearby too.  

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