Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Better than partridges in pear trees.

The (bookish) haul...

Jeannette C. Smith's The Laughing Librarian: A History of Librarian History (because it exists)
Certificate for Yellowknife's only (and greatest) bookstore, The Book Cellar
Stuart McLean's Revenge of the Vinyl Cafe
Stephen King's Under the Dome
Zoran Živković's The Library
and a gift from Barb Bruederlin, a 20,000 Books Under the Bow T-Shirt (20,000 thanks to Barb, an amazing friend originally met through blogging)


Kailana said...

Enjoy your new bookish stuff. :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You did very well in the bookish department! I am honoured to see the Calgary Library tee shirt amongst the haul. Wear it in good health.

I did well in the book haul this year too - three Canadian books, you will be happy to hear.