Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Year in Review 2013- Fiction

 Considering that I started my masters in September and my blogging time took a real hit, I was surprised to see that my final tally of fiction (novels, novellas, children's novels, YA novels) was actually up from last year. There's also a lot more recognizable titles this around, though popularity seems to have had no affect one way or the other on my enjoyment. Here from least to most enjoyed are the fiction books I read in 2013. Which have you read?

41. E. L. James- Fifty Shades of Grey
40. Carmel DeVine- Sedna's Passion
39. James Howe- Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow
38. Robert Arthur Alexie- The Pale Indian
37. Rick Riordan- The Lightning Thief
36. Joseph Heller- Catch-22
35. Hugh MacLennan- Two Solitudes
34. Jane Urquhart- Away
33. Andrew Pyper- The Wildfire Season
32. James Howe- Return to Howliday Inn
31. Madeleine L'Engle- A Wrinkle in Time
30. Stephenie Meyer- Twilight
29. Stephen Leacock- Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town
28. James Howe- Howliday Inn 
27. James Howe- Bunnicula Strikes Again! 
26. Rick Riordan- 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones
25. James Howe- Nighty-Nightmare
24. Jill MacLean- Nix Minus One
23. Drew Hayden Taylor- The Night Wanderer
22. Rudy Wiebe- The Mad Trapper
21. Jay McInerney- Bright Lights, Big City
20. Barbara Smucker- Underground to Canada 
19. Douglas Adams- The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
18. Richard Wagamese- Indian Horse 
17. James Howe- The Celery Stalks at Midnight
16. Jamie Bastedo- Nighthawk! 
15 .Jeff Kinney- Diary of a Wimpy Kid
14. Richard Adams- Watership Down
13. Eric Walters- We All Fall Down
12. Gaston Leroux, translated by David Coward- The Phantom of the Opera 
11. Arthur Conan Doyle- The Hound of the Baskervilles


10. David Bergen- The Age of Hope  
9. Al Pope- Bad Latitudes
8. Emma Donoghue- Room
7. Franz Kafka- Metamorphosis
6. James and Deborah Howe- Bunnicula
5. Lisa Moore- February
4. Don Delillo- White Noise
3. Donna Morrissey- Kit's Law 
2. W. P. Kinsella- Shoeless Joe
1. Markus Zusak- The Book Thief


Lee-Anne said...

That was quite a run on James Howe this year! I remember a year like that when my daughter couldn't get enough of Bunnicula and the gang. You read lots of great books this year, John! Several are on my list for this coming year - I'm excited to see Kit's Law at #3! Happy New Year to you and your family.

Kailana said...

I REALLY need to read The Book Thief. I can't believe I still haven't!

John Mutford said...

Lee-Anne: Yep, the whole series. The only other series I've finished over the life of this blog is the Harry Potter series. Someday maybe I'll finish an adult series!

Kailana: It's really a great book. I haven't heard much great about the movie, though.

Jules said...

February was also on my top ten list this year, and I think Room was on last years list. Your fiction lists looks pretty good, lots of good books on there.

I'm hoping to read Kit's Law this year, it sounds fantastic

Buried In Print said...

What a great combo: so many styles to choose from. I'm in the middle of re-reading the second in L'Engle's series now (and hoping to finally finish the series, which I never have managed to do yet, only reread the first two books) and am aiming for The Book Thief this year too. Glad you were pleased at the end of the year; it's always nice to find that reading has continued even when we've been busy with other things.

John Mutford said...

BuriedInPrint: Thanks! I do try to stay well-rounded. Still I should probably get more variety of genre fiction thrown in there. Not a western to be seen.