Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Year in Review 2013- Nonfiction

My non-fiction reading was pretty much on par with last year (13 books in 2012) and probably would have been more if not for a certain controversial book (see #7) that was ridiculously long. It feels weird to rank my least favourite to most favourite non-fiction reads and not have Hitler's book as my least favourite. Keep in mind, this isn't a ranking of my least to most favourite people, nor do I agree with Hitler's horrific opinions. However, for its place in history and for giving me some insight into this monster, I'm still glad I read it. In any case, it doesn't top nor bottom the list, it's just the Nazi elephant in the room.

14. Neil Pasricha- The Book of Awesome
13. Ryan Silke (collected by)- High-Grade Tales
12. Dick Stevenson- The Saga of the Sourtoe
11. Patrick White- Mountie in Mukluks 
10. George Guthridge- The Kids from Nowhere
9. Mordecai Richler- On Snooker
8. John Seagrave- The Hudson's Bay Boy 
7. Adolf Hitler (translated by James Murphy)- Mein Kampf 
6. Carolyn Pogue- Rock of Ages
5. McKay Jenkins- Bloody Falls of the Copper Mine
4. Fran Hurcomb: Old Town
3. Rik Leaf- Four Homeless Millionaires
2. Jon Krakauer- Into the Wild
1. Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner: Freakonomics



Barbara Bruederlin said...

I read quite a lot of non-fiction, and find it interesting that we have read none of the same non-fiction this year. I'm not sure why I find this unusual, as there is no shortage of such books. I think I have shortbread brain.

John Mutford said...

Barbara: Even less surprising when you consider that most of my nonfiction reads this year (more than half) were northern specific books. You reading all of those would be like be having a sudden fixation with Calgary and the rest of Alberta. Lovely place and all, and I have read some books about or set there, but I'm not about to take a crash course in it! Of the non-northern books on the list, I do think you'd like #1 and #3. You'd probably like #2 as well, if you haven't already seen the movie.