Monday, December 30, 2013

Reader's Diary #1075- Cate Zerega: Happy New Year!

One might suspect that Cate Zerega's "Happy New Year!" is titled somewhat ironically. In a nutshell it's about a woman getting drunk on New Year's Eve to get her mind off of her friend— a friend whom she clearly wishes was more than a friend. In the end (spoiler alert!), she winds up making out with a stranger on a bus while the new year enters in.

Sad, right? Except, I didn't necessarily feel it. Clearly the woman is a mess and clearly she's not making the wisest of decisions, but she's making somewhat average life mistakes. While such choices can lead to more dangerous episodes, there's nothing to suggest danger here except that it's a short story and they don't often deal with the typical (you'd suspect a short story to turn the stranger into some sort of rapist or serial killer). But that doesn't happen here and it ends up encapsulating what so many feel about New Year's, even the ones that handle the transition more responsibly. Regrets, mistakes, get 'em all out this year, 'cause next year's gonna be better. Happy New Year!

Tequila shots by Z_dead, on Flickr
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