Monday, December 30, 2013

The 2013 Book Mine Set Short Story Online Anthology

It's been another wonderful year of short story reading. This year's anthology is truly a mixed bag, with writers of varying degrees of popularity, many different genres, and geographical locations represented. Truly, there must be something on this list than anyone would like. The only thing they really have in common is that they were all found online, for free. Next year, why not consider joining me in Short Story Mondays and if you do, I encourage you to check some of these out. The links below take you to my thoughts on each story, but there you'll also find links to the stories themselves. 52 stories, just one a week...

From least favourite to most favourite:

52. Mohammad Aljarmoshi- "Adolescence"
51. Park Benjamin, Jr. - "The End of New York"
50. Tom Franklin- "Alaska"
49. Giovanna Rivero-"Lava"
48. Brian Bwesigye- "Everything to Hide"
47. James Fenimore Cooper- "The Eclipse"
46. Helen Simpson- "The Tipping Point"
45. Margaret Atwood- "Stone Mattress"
44. Oscar Wilde- "The Selfish Giant"
43. Pearl S. Buck- "Christmas Day in the Morning"
42. Bram Stoker- "The Dualists"
41. Elizabeth L. Seymour- "The Burglar's Christmas"
40. Sholem Aleichem- "The Clock"
39. Barbara Bruederlin- "The Dead Month"
38. Don Aker- "Everything Gets Dead"
37. Lesley McAllister- "The Return"
36. Liliana V. Blum, translated by Toshiya Kamei- "A New Faith"
35. Zealia Brown Bishop and H. P. Lovecraft- "The Curse of Yig"
34. Kate LaDew- "Carl, The Speedy Eskimo" 
33. Eliza Robertson- "We Walked on Water"
32. Damodar Mauzo, translated by Xavier Cota: "The Red Nissan"
31. Jude Ortega- "The Short Sweet Life of Nameless"
30. Robert Sharp- "Man May Love"
29. Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer- "Seal"
28. Barbara Roden- "Northwest Passage"
27. Madeline Sonik- "No Kind of Man"
26. Fredric Brown- "Knock"
25. Carol Shields and Anne Giardini- "A Wood"
24. The Brothers Grimm- "The Elves and the Shoemaker"
23. Jerome Stueart- Et Tu Bruté
22. Binnie Brennan- "Absolution"
21. Fearless Frederick Lepine- "Mabel's Story"
20. David Crouse- "Nomads"
19. John Wyndham- "The Meteor"
18. Ukamaka Oliksawe- "Running"
17. Benoit Lelievre- "Full Moon"  
16. John Updike- "Carol Sing"
15. Joseph Boyden, Anne Michaels, Stacey May Fowles, Priscila Uppal, Catherine Bush, Craig Davidson, Michael Winter, Cary Fagan, Wayne Johnston, Kelley Armstrong, Lawrence Hill : "They Arrived in the Fall'
14. Roger Ebert- "The Thinking Molecules of Titan"
13. Helena Bell- "Robot"
12. Jane Gillies- "The Bedclothes Baby"
11. Cate Zerega- "Happy New Year!"

THE TOP 10!!!
10. Lydia Davis- "The Mice"
9. Hannah Garrard- "In the Hands of the Goddess"
8. Cathleen Kirkwood- "Guthrip"
7. Chuck Wendig- "This Guy"
6. Carmen Firan- "The Russian Fur Hat"
5. Becky Blake- "The Three Times Rule"
4. William Faulkner- "Dry September"
3. Saadat Hasan Manto- "The Dog of Ṭeṭvāl"
2. JustAnotherMuffledVo- Untitled
1. Ursula K Le Guin- "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas"

How many of these have you read?

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