Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reader's Diary #1082- The New King James Version Bible: Hebrews

Perhaps I've been too caught up in the conspiratorial tone of the History Channel's Bible Secrets Revealed, but tonight reading online about the true authorship of Hebrews, I came to realize that I had been more interested in that than the message in the book. Oh well. The one author that I'm glad most people have ruled out is Paul. Based on the fact that Hebrews didn't set my teeth on edge with jarringly offensive passages, I would have bet that Paul wasn't behind it. I did find it simultaneously frustrating and amusing that those who were doubting Jesus' authority were met with the same argument then that atheists are met with today, essentially, "But it says so here in the scripture." To me that's like a parent saying, "because I said so." Still, I guess that works sometimes and really, believing and requiring absolute proof are two different beasts. Let's let the billboard people hash it out.

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