Friday, January 24, 2014

Reader's Diary #1086- Wally Wolfe: Encounter on the Eagle

Encounter on the Eagle by Wally Wolfe is the 3rd book about the Mad Trapper I've read for this blog, and I've still got another couple or so on the bookshelf. I realize that the north certainly has a slew of other characters, at least as colourful and intriguing, but I'm still fascinated by his story and there's no shortage of material written about him.

This is, however, the only comic book about him that I'm aware of.  While Wolfe's retelling itself doesn't add anything really new to the story (there were small details here or there that were slightly different from previous accounts that I'd read), his artwork adds some clarity, not to mention excitement.

It's a self-published book, and though I've had more than my share of misses with those, Encounter on the Eagle is a hit. Despite the Mad Trapper himself drawn rather stiffly and awkwardly walking in the 5 panel on the very first page, the rest of the artwork is great and fits the story perfectly. There's a retro sort of vibe that lends the book a kind of pulp adventure tale, which the now legendary story has essentially become. Also, if you look closely at the text boxes, you can make out the edges where the printed scripts were cut and pasted by hand. Some might scoff at it for being amateurish, but to me it gave the book a DIY charm. A few spelling errors here or there, I was less forgiving of (the it's/ its thing is driving me nuts) but there weren't so many that I didn't enjoy the comic or wouldn't recommend it.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love the handmade aspect you describe! How very charming! The grammatical errors, less so.

John Mutford said...

Barbara: Yes, spelling errors and typos, while not just found in self-published works, are most common there. Sadly. I wish they'd just hire a proofreader. I spent my money on the book, I think it's a fair expectation!