Tuesday, February 18, 2014

10 From 100- A Profile of Canadian Book Challenge participant IRENE ROTH

John's Preamble: When I first started this challenge I felt the pressure to be the one that read the most for it. While emphasizing to everyone else that the challenge was meant to be a personal one (i.e., to push yourself to read more Canadian books) and not a competition, I was a hypocrite who seemed to be secretly emphasizing quantity over quality. Fortunately people like Nicola and Irene came along and blew my reading stats out of the water. While Irene has been the "board leader" for sometime now, the most important thing is that she doesn't seem to care about any competition. Instead her reviews indicate that she's just genuinely enjoying having a good time having an excuse to read more Canadian books. It took getting my butt kicked and another participant to remind me what my challenge was all about in the first place. That in mind, I was thrilled when Irene agreed to be a profiled participant in this month's edition of

10 From 100

1.      Why is/ isn’t your current residence the same as where you grew up?
My current residence is in another province in Canada. I was born in Montreal and then moved to Toronto at the age of 23 where I have been since.  I truly love it here and I consider it home.

2.       What is your history of pet ownership?
I have always owned cats for as long as I could remember. But this spring/summer, I plan to get my very first dog.

3.       What is an unusual talent you have?
I love to skip rop backwards.  I also love to walk backwards from time to time in the house.

4.       What is a sport you wish you were better at?
I wish I were better at Golfing.  I just love the grounds and I love the peace of the game. But right now I suck at embarassing.
5.  What is the oddest job you’ve ever had?
The oddest job I ever had was working shining shoes. Girls in Montreal didn't shine shoes at all. But this older man gave me the job, and a kinda of liked it!
6.    What subject do you avoid talking about most in public: Politics or religion?
I love talking about religion in public.  I do a few chats at my local church once in a while--it is a lot of fun.

7.   Are you a summer or winter person?
I am definitely a summer person!  I hate the cold!

8.   What is a charity you support?
I support the arthritis society and the cancer society.

9.   Which TV show character is most like you?
Probably reality shows such as Dancing with the Stars.  I really love the dancing too. I used to do Ballroom dancing. So, I really enjoy it.

10.   The most peaceful place you can think of.
The most peaceful place for me is Tobermory Ontario.  I just love meditating close to the water as the big orange sun is setting what seems right into the water. Wow....I feel good just thinking of it.


Teena in Toronto said...

Nice to get to know more about Irene.

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

Enjoyed meeting you, Irene, and your FuN life facts!
Imagining being at that shore sunset right now... =)
Thanks for introducing us, John. Glad you've relaxed into your reading and keeping the challenge relaxed for the rest of us.