Monday, April 14, 2014

Reader's Diary #1111- Akbar Raadi, translated by Roya Monajem: The Rain

"He wanted to say something, but the words were sleeping between his lips." 

There are more than a few phrases like this scattered throughout Akbar Raadi's "The Rain" and thus more than a few times that I can't decide whether or not it's poetry or a bad Google translate.

Set in Iran, I believe during a drought, "The Rain" is a miserable tale about a couple about to have a meal that seems to consist of nothing but melon. What's making them so miserable? There's the drought, of course, but there's also debts that need to be paid (related to the drought), the absence of someone named Ramezan (a son, maybe?) that was taken away by soldiers, and something about a rooster. If I seem unclear about the details, it's because I am. But in the story's defense, I am left wanting more. Perhaps the description is lacking and/or confusing, but the raw emotion is certainly present.

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