Monday, July 14, 2014

Reader's Diary #1143- William Lawson: The Story Untold

(This is a pre-written post scheduled to appear while I am on vacation in Newfoundland.)

Stories with a twist are hard to discuss without providing spoilers. Heck, by merely saying there's a twist, I've done spoiled it.

It's still worth a look though. For me, I was kind of surprised to see a Newfoundland story that reminded me so much of the Northwest Territories. Talking of a man setting off to live by himself in an isolated cabin in Newfoundland and then finding out that he's in over his head, is the biography of about a dozen or so early explores in the Northwest Territories as well. It's funny though; I realize that Newfoundland can provide a harsh and dangerous environment as well, growing up there I never found its nature as intimidating as I do here. It's not that I was super explorer there either, but overall the province felt comfortable.

For such a short story, Lawson still does a fine job describing the setting and people. It also helps that the story keeps you guessing.

Cabin In The Woods

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