Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reader's Diary #1064- Jeff Lemire: Trillium

Trillium, by Jeff Lemire, was a limited comic book series produced by Vertigo. The first issue was released last year and all 8 issues were available in a collected format as of August. Make no mistake, with the arc and the lack of reviewing plot points common in some serials, it feels like a complete graphic novel.

I have long been a fan of Lemire's work, so I was excited to see what he would do with sci-fi. Trillium is set partially in outer space in the year 3797, when the entire human race has been reduced to about 4000 people, and on Earth in 1921. Nika, a female in the future, is in search of trillium plants, which hopefully hold a much needed cure. She finds them by the score in front of a temple, but they are guarded by a mysterious alien race. William, a male from the past is searching for the Lost Temple of the Incans. The temples house a time/space passage. William and Nika meet and eventually in love. Their love is not without complication, however. Their histories wind up switching, creating alternate universes— neither of which are pleasant.

I love how experimental Lemire was with this book. Besides the sci-fi, which involves time travel, artificial intelligence, outer space, and even a small dose of steam punk, Lemire's done such a good job with the romance genre, that I'd almost go as far as saying I'd classify the book as a romance first.

And the artwork is just crazy; at one point you even have to flip the book over to read a concurrent story.

A small complaint with the first comic (chapter) is with the amount of dialogue. I've always loved Lemire's ability to tell so much without words, but with such a convoluted set-up this time, there's much told through somewhat awkward dialogue or thoughts. Perhaps a Star Wars-esque scroll would have served to let readers know what the deal was. In any event, once that's out of the way the story gets well underway and I was enraptured in the lives of Nika and William.

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