Monday, October 13, 2014

Reader's Diary #1074- Harold Rolseth: Hey, You Down There!


For this week's story I looked for a horror story with a Thanksgiving connection. It's what people do when their country places Thanksgiving so close to Halloween.

Harold Rolseth's short story, "Hey, You Down There!" is about a couple who are trying, in vain, to dig a well. What they discover instead is wholly unexpected.

The husband in this story is boorish and abusive and that clearly takes some fun out of the tale, but without giving too much away, it has a "Goodbye Earl" sort of feel, so you'll probably figure that a mishap is heading his way long before it actually happens. Not to say it's entirely predictable. In fact, twice I thought I knew where Rolseth was leading us when the story took a strange new direction, recovering the fun that I said was lost. It's not scary really, but has a creepy sci-fi angle. I'm not surprised to hear it first appeared in a book of stories compiled by Alfred Hitchock called Stories to be Read in the Dark.

As for the Thanksgiving connection? There isn't much of one, but you'll recognize it when you get there.
The Abyss by Jake Fowler, on Flickr

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