Monday, November 10, 2014

Reader's Diary #1086- Cynthia Flood: Apology

As a character study, I suppose I enjoyed Cynthia Flood  "Apology." As a short story, I did not. I found the plot to be lacking in direction and dull. It's about an older woman named Edith being lackadaisically confronted by her friends about a few of her recent  misdemeanors. Essentially, I supposed, one could make the case that this isn't one short story, but three collected flash fictions,  anecdotes about Edith's transgressions. I like flash fiction. I could possibly get behind "Apology" after all.

Nope. They're just mundane little tales, gossipy and petty, barely interesting. Sure they're realistic. And sure I got some sense of who Edith was. But so what?
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