Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Year in Review 2014- Picture Books

I don't typically list picture books in my year end reviews, as I don't typically read enough in a year to rank them. I've made 10 my quota for such a list and oddly this year, despite my kids now of the age where they don't read a lot of picture books, I reached 10. Not that odd, I suppose, as I did take a children's lit course earlier in the year and also read any new northern books that cross my path, combined making up the bulk of the list below. As with my other year end lists, I've ranked them from least to most favourite. Unlike the other lists, I still enjoyed the one in last place:

10. Miranda Currie and Alison McCreesh- Anna and the Bear
9. Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak and Iris Churcher- T is for Territories
8. Lynn Blaikie- Beyond the Northern Lights
7. Libby Whittall Catling and Alison McCreesh- Twelve Days of Christmas in Fort Reliance
6. Larry Loyie, Constance Brissenden, and Heather D. Holmlund- As Long as the Rivers Flow
5. German Saravanja and Nick MacIntosh- The Man with the Wolf in His Belly
4. Michael Ian Black and Debbie Ridpath Ohi- I'm Bored
3. Thompson Highway and Brian Dienes- Dragonfly Kites
2. Walter Kotzwinkle, Glen Murray, and Audrey Colman- Walter the Farting Dog
1. Stan Rogers and Matt James- Northwest Passage

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