Monday, December 15, 2014

Reader's Diary #1101- Darynda Jones: A Christmas Story


A few years ago I was greatly disappointed by Alan Bradley's I Am Half Sick of Shadows, a Christmas themed mystery. However, despite Jones' Callie Dunn, the protagonist of "A Christmas Story" (not related to the movie at all), bearing a striking resemblance to Bradley's Flavia de Luce, I actually enjoyed this one. Maybe I can only handle precociousness in small doses.

Jones, at 6, is younger than de Luce, and she has already ruled out the existence of Santa. Spotting a man in a red suit atop her roof, she shrugs it off as her father. That is, until she notices her father standing beside her in her room. Hang in there for the twist ending. Or is it a twist?

Brief as it is, "A Christmas Story" is engaging and amusing. 

R de décembre : l’échappée noëlle by dagring, on Flickr
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