Monday, December 29, 2014

The 2014 Book Mine Set Short Story Online Anthology

Once again, the Book Mine Set is proud to present 52 short stories, one for each week of the year, available for free and online. Here are links to my thoughts on each of these stories, also where you'll find direct links to the stories themselves.

These are ranked from my least to most favourite:

52. John Hughes- "Christmas '59"
51. Laura Legge- "Tukisiviit?"
50. Susan Calder- "Last Watch"
49. Cynthia Flood- "Apology"
48. Judit Lőrinczy, Translated by Ágnes Körmendi and Judit Lőrinczy- "The Colors of Creation"
47. Minnie Douglas- "A Bachelor's Valentine"
46. Samantha Frazer Gordon- "The Path of Dead Roses"
45. Ken MacLeod- "A Tulip for Lucretius
44. W. Somerset Maugham- "Rain"
43. Akbar Raadi, translated by Roya Monajem- "The Rain"
42. Michael Graeme- "A Daffodil for Eileen"
41. Yanka Bryl, translated by Davis Skivrsky- "The Girl with Black Eyebrows"
40. Anuja Chauhan- "The Zoya Factor prequel"
39. Laura Theis- "I Dream of Sharks Again"
38. Jennifer Elle- "Orange Forest"
37. William Faulkner- "A Rose for Emily"
36. John Chu- "The Rain that Falls on You from Nowhere"
35. Stella Benson- "The Desert Islander"
34. Darynda Jones: "A Christmas Story"
33. John Collier- "Thus, I Refute Thee Beelzy"
32. Elizabeth Bowen- "The Demon Lover"
31. Joel Thomas Hynes- "Conflict of Interest"
30. Blessing Musariri- "Eloquent Notes on a Suicide"
29. Amanda Davis- "Fat Ladies Floated in the Sky Like Balloons"
28. James Folk: Untitled
27. William Lawson- "The Story Untold"
26. Yoss, translated by David Frye- "A Planet for Rent"
25. Mira Dietz Chiasson- "Something Colorful"
24. Elinor Nash- "The Ghost Boy"
23. Brynn MacNab- "Black Friday"
22. Jane Ozkowski: "The Lawn Sprinklers at the End of the Earth
21. Hassan Nasr, translated by William Hutchins: "A Feast"
20. Tobias Bucknell "System Reset"
19. Oliver Miller- "Rain"
18. Katie Bickell- "Four Blue Capsules"
17. Roxanne Felix- "The Debut"
16. Harold Rolseth, "Hey, You Down There!"
15. Rolli- "Were I the Leaves, I'd Be Dead"
14. Tom Hanks- "Alan Bean Plus Four"
13. Chuck Palahniuk- "Guts"
12. E. Pauline Johnson: "The Derelict"
11. Darlene Guetre- "Alpha and Omega"

The Top 10!!!

10. Dorianne Emmerton- "Lost in Space and Love"
9. Robert Silverberg- "Good News from the Vatican"
8. Roger Zelazny- "A Rose for Ecclesiastes"
7. Sarah Meehan Sirk- "Ozk"
6. Lori Hahnel- "Beware of God"
5. Maile Meloy- "The Proxy Marriage"
4. Jorge Luis Borges, translated by J.E.I.- "The Library of Babel"
3. Sofi Papamarko- "The Pollinators"
2. Zoran Živković, translated by Alice Copple-Tošić- "Words"
1. Jorge Luis Borges- "Funes, His Memory"

Have you read any of these? Thoughts?

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Eric P said...

I think you meant a story for each week not month of the year. (Feel free to delete this comment.)

John Mutford said...

D'oh! The year doesn't have 52 months anymore? (Thanks for the catch, now fixed!)