Monday, January 05, 2015

Reader's Diary #1110- Lee Kvern: In Search of Lucinda


Lee Kvern's "In Search of Lucinda"begins with an off-duty police officer coming home, somewhat intoxicated, on a July afternoon with a couple of buddies and women in tow. It's a slightly jarring scene to picture these 5 individuals come into a family's suburban household in broad daylight with the wife and children still there. It's also certainly not a scene I can relate to in anyway, but Kvern is so evocative in her imagery it's nonetheless a believable (and uncomfortable) scene.

It also takes a while to discover what the point of it all is, despite the title which in hindsight told me the plot. Still, despite the slow paced, barely there, plot there's so much to see that I hardly cared (though it's a good thing this was a short story, I suspect it would grow wearisome over a whole novel). Plus, the ending is touching in a brief way, and made the whole thing worth it. 

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