Monday, March 02, 2015

Reader's Diary #1125- Jo Senior: The Green Suitcase


I can get behind the low octane, slice of life story. I think Lynn Coady does these very well. For me the secret lies in is making it not too long; mundane but not boring. Jo Senior's "The Green Suitcase" works perfectly. Astute observations and an authentic, complex character-- just what these sort of stories usually excel at.

The plot, as you may have guessed, does not involve robots having an orgy in the back of a speeding Hummer. It's about an elderly lady who just discovers that the airline has lost her luggage. To her, it's not just any piece of luggage, but something that's been with her forever. I think it could have been easy to be cynical with such a story. Attaching emotional significance to objects is often something mocked. It's too materialistic. It brings up images of hoarding. Etc. But Senior ignores all that and there's something simple, beautiful, and sad about it.

I loved that it was an elderly character as well, because the loss of the suitcase, in her mind, seems tied so much to memories and the end of it all.

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