Monday, March 09, 2015

Reader's Diary #1127- Kim Curran: The Kiss


Kim Curran's "The Kiss" may be the perfect modern short story. With terrorism, social media, and themes of "truth/truthiness," told as a fast paced, cynically humorous mystery, I can't remember anything I've read in recent years that so wonderfully captures life in the 2010s without feeling forced.

It tells of a blast in London on a fine spring day and of a couple that appeared perfect and in love and sitting on a park bench. They may have caused the blast.

Theories, of course, abound. Fascinatingly however, the theories seem to say more about the theorists than the Blast or the couple, which in these times of rapid-fire collective memory construction seems pretty plausible. I can't help but think of the conspiracies that recently worked Canada into a frenzy over a mysterious tunnel in Toronto.

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