Monday, March 30, 2015

Reader's Diary #1136- Sait Faik Abasiyanik: Hisht, Hisht!


One detail in Sait Faik Abasiyankik's "Hisht, Hisht" kept throwing me off: the colour of green almonds. Several times in the story he refers to it; once to describe a goat, another a donkey. And while the story can be described as surreal, a green goat wouldn't fit as it follows a paragraph in which the narrator is thankful that things are the colours they're supposed to be, the grass, the sea. The almond-green goat appears as another example of naormalcy, not as a shocking turn of events. I realized, of course, that "green" is often used to denote unripe— a riddle I remember from my childhood went something like, "Q. What colour is a blueberry when it's green? A. White." But still, I'm unfamiliar with the colour of unripe almonds, so this description meant nothing to me. To save you the hassle, there's a picture of green almonds below. 

That out of the way, "Hisht, Hisht" is an engaging, lightly humourous story about someone taking a walk, decompressing from a vaguely described incident at home. The strange, titular noise comes out of nowhere and he tries in vain to track down its source.

It may be frustrating for some readers, but as it doesn't wind up so for the narrator, it wasn't for me either.

Almonds by J-Blue, on Flickr

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