Monday, June 08, 2015

Reader's Diary #1163- Michèle Thibeau: Metamorphosis Interrupted


I don't think I'm the meditation type. I can relax, and I'm not an uptight person usually, but my brain runs. When I relax it's still running, just on more trivial things. I also feel a little silly when I try meditation, like it's a poor fit.

Thankfully, I and my wife accept this.

In Michèle Thibeau's "Metamorphosis Interrupted" however, Craig comes to the realization that he is not cut out for meditation either and suspects that his girlfriend is not ready to accept this. He leaves.

Granted there's still so much to discuss. Whether or not her true motive was to change him is unclear (even doubtful) and there's something to be said for a meditation that brings one to a realization anyway (meaning, his experience wasn't the complete bust he thought it was). One might say there wasn't an interruption at all. Cue enlightenment gong.

Meditation by HckySo, on Flickr

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