Friday, June 12, 2015

Reader's Diary #1165- Douglas Glover: Woman Gored by Bison Lives

I'm counting this book for the 8th Canadian Book Challenge, which ends at the end of June (have you signed up the 9th yet?) though it's a bit of a stretch. First of all, I don't typically count single short stories for the challenge, but since Goose Lane published it as a single book, it's now fair game. Secondly, I'm counting it for my New Brunswick read, but it's not a great fit. It's just that I'm running out of time and it's hard to find a New Brunswick author other than David Adams Richards. Glover did live and work in New Brunswick for a while, was a writer-in-resident at University of New Brunswick just a few years back, and Goose Lane is based out of New Brunswick so it'll have to do. Though the story is set in Saskatchewan. The Challenge requirements are only to read 13 (or more) Canadian books, I give myself an additional challenge to read at least one from each province and territory. But when I checked a few days ago, I still had New Brunswick and Quebec remaining.

Regardless, all that is neither her nor there. "Woman Gored by Bison Lives" is about a woman who, though married to a man, falls in love with another woman. That other woman (neither of these are gored by bison, by the way) gets cancer. You might expect there to be a lot of heartbreak. The husband's. The women's. And, sure enough, there is, but despite all the tragedy, I found there to be a lot of hope. She found love after all. And people who get gored by bison sometimes live. There are scars likely, but they live.

Now, onto Quebec!


Eric P said...

I've probably just missed it but has there been a post talking about the 9th Challenge and how to register for it? I'll plan on signing up for another go-around, but maybe you need more formal notification. Cheers.


John Mutford said...

Consider yourself signed on! Thanks Eric! The "official post" will be up on Canada Day. Stay tuned!