Monday, June 22, 2015

Reader's Diary #1170- Kerissa Dickie: Wild Flowers


Kerissa Dickie's "Wild Flowers" is about two lives connected by a brief but defining encounter between two children imprisoned at a residential school. The story flips back and forth from the perspective of Rose or Louis, but it's not a difficult story to follow, with rich, evocative imagery that transported me to their side and able to feel their distinct and likeable personalities. It was a frustrating experience in that regard, as I felt like a helpless ghost.

But despite the humiliation and tragedies of the residential school, there's a beautiful message toward the end about remembering, drawing strength, and moving forward. It's all about focusing on the right events, interpreting them the right way, and knowing how to use them positively. Putting it this way makes it sounds so easy, though in real life there are so many complicated variables that put the whole approach at risk. Fortunately, Louis seems to have managed.

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