Friday, July 31, 2015

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Reader's Diary #1179- John Kendrick Bangs: A Disputed Authorship

New term, to me anyway: Bangsian Fantasy, a genre of fiction that sees famous literary or historical figures interacting in the afterlife. I've seen the premise plenty of times, but didn't know there was a label (not that I'm shocked by that, of course!). The term originates from John Kendrick Bangs who first employed the device in A House-Boat on the River Styx.

"A Disputed Authorship" comes from that book, but most of the stories that comprise the book can stand on their own as long as you know the premise (i.e., that everyone who has ever died up to the publication is floating around the river Styx on a house-boat. This particular story sees Shakespeare, Nero, Charon, Lord Bacon, Emerson, Walter Raleigh, and Doctor Johnson gathering over a game of pool. The plot's not particularly heavy. Shakespeare is feigning offense after being accused of not writing his own material, but before the story is out, it's pretty clear he's a but of a conman, who most likely did not write his own material.

It's humorous and the distinct characterizations are done really well considering the sheer number of characters in the confines of a short story. The story itself isn't the most interesting thing in the world, but at the time, when the device was new, it must have seemed wildly entertaining.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Reader's Diary #1178- Gil Adamson: The Outlander

I'd heard enough praise of Gil Adamson's "gripping" Outlander to be quite excited to finally read this book. And at the beginning, I really was enjoying it. The premise was good; it's the wild West of Canada circa early 1900s and Mary Boulton is on the run. She's just killed her husband and her twin brothers-in-law are hunting her down. Certainly it had potential to be as gripping as everyone claimed and Mary was surely going to be the compelling character everyone made her out to be.

But, as you've already guessed based on my tone, I was let down. Bored, even. There are so many good starts to stories but they just drop, sometimes being picked up again later, sometimes not, and I thought it all resulted in a rather tedious mess.

Mary Boulton, the Widow, is shown early on to have hallucinations. This could complicate matters! Not really. Then there's a love affair with a wild mountaineer, a short time with a Native hunter, then she winds up in the ill-fated mining town of Frank, Alberta. Occasionally the twins pop up but not nearly often enough to remind this bored reader that Mary was actually on the run. I get that it was Mary's story, not the twins', but the book needed more streamlined peril to keep me awake. Otherwise the book felt like just a bunch of stuff that happened.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Reader's Diary #1177- Paul Jenkins (Writer) and Andres Guinaldo (Art): Son of Hulk, Dark Son Rising

(Collects Son of Hulk #s 13-17)

Earlier this year my daughter noticed me reading World War Hulk: Frontline and, knowing that I was interested in the Hulk character but finding it hard to get into that particular book, went looking for another one for me for Father's Day. The result of that search was Son of Hulk, Dark Son Rising.

She didn't know, of course, that Hulk himself would not appear in these pages, but that was okay. I was more hesitant for the fact that it began with #13 in the Son of Hulk series. If I complained that Frontline was difficult to get into as a casual fan, surely staring at #13 wasn't going to me much easier.

That turns out not to have been much of a problem. Apparently issues #1-12 focused on one of Hulk's son's, Skaar, while the 13th marked the beginning focus on Skaar's twin brother, Hiro-Kala, so I didn't feel that I missed too much back story to understand this one on its own.

But it did have other problems for me. Hiro-Kala is a violent young man. Perhaps even crazy violent. He's hellbent on killing Galactus for having destroyed his home planet, and part of his mysterious plan for revenge involves destroying another planet, poisoning it, before Galactus consumes it. That planet's inhabitants be damned.

No, Hiro-Kala isn't a likeable character. He may also be a bit on the crazy side, thinking he's a godthough he does get godlike powers, so maybe not completely crazy. I'm a little unclear about that stuff. He seems to have mastered control over something called the Old Power, which sounds a bit like the Force from Star Wars, and... well, anyway, it's strange and as I say, I didn't really understand it all.

I was also put off by all the angry violence. He's the son of Hulk, so you might wonder what I expected. Hulk's the big green rage monster, after all. But I'm starting to realize that what I've liked about the Hulk is the play with Bruce Banner, Hulk's calmer alter-ego. Banner provides balance. Hulk's Earth pals provide balance. But when there is no Banner and when every alien character seems to have been lifted from Frank Miller's 300, only interested in fighting and killing, it gets tiresome fast.

That said, there were some aspects I liked. I especially enjoyed the pseudo-Biblical tone of the book. As well, Guinaldo's art, while not particularly inventive, had a scratchy, classic semi-realistic style that lent to the air of mythical importance I think Jenkins was going for. That said, there's a bizarre amount of phallic imagery sprinkled throughout and I'm not sure what that was all about...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Reader's Diary #1176- Joe Stretch: Hartshill

Too often when people use the word "interesting" it's really a passive-aggressive way of saying "I don't get it and I think it's stupid." But I'm going to use it to describe Joe Stretch's "Hartshill" nonetheless.

 I don't quite get it, that's true. But there are things I liked. Told by a man waiting for a train and partaking in that most popular of pastimes, people-watching, I enjoyed this part. He captures the details of other peoples' lives like only the truly bored manage. But it was also intriguing. He's interested in a footballer's girlfriend and then starts to look her up on the internet. There's something off about it at first, but it's hard to put your finger on, because hey, everybody's Googled someone without them knowing. So, is it just putting such an action in print Stretch's way of editorializing society: look at how creepy we've become? Maybe, but then the narrator drops some minor details here or there that suggest, no, this guy's actually a bit more creepy than the norm. All of those important details disguised as throwaway details kind of bug me, like I'm not sure if they're intentionally vague or not, or if they are, if that's a good thing. As I say, interesting.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Reader's Diary #1175- Lisa Moore: The Challenges and Rewards of Re-entering the Workforce


Pedant: a person who is excessively concerned with minor details and rules or with displaying academic learning.

If the name of Moore's "The Challenges and Rewards of Re-entering the Workforce" sounds too pedantic, more like an essay than the short story it is, I have to guess that it was intentional. What's interesting is that Moore does comes across as concerned with minor details in this story, but they work against the dry, business-like tone of the title. More about a group of women being cut from the workforce than entering it, the impact of their jobs on their lives, and their jobs on the lives of others, is reinforced right down to the very specific minutiae, the trivial taking on a higher, connected purpose.

It's a very compelling story and the switch between characters is almost hypnotic. It reminded me of the Birdman, the most recent Michael Keaton flick, where it came across like one, long continuous take, flowing from one life to another emphasizing how everyone and everything was intertwined.
Tree Planter Girl by Luc Forsyth, on Flickr

Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License
   by  Luc Forsyth 

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Reader's Diary #1174- Jeff Lemire (writer), Mike McKone (art): Justice League United, Vol. 1

Justice League United made Canadian headlines last year when Jeff Lemire announced he would be using the series to introduce the first Cree superhero to the DC roster, Equinox. Given that importance, and coming from Jeff Lemire, of whom I'm clearly a fan, I was very much looking forward to this one. Sadly, I have to say that for the first time ever, a Lemire book has left be disappointed. It had to happen sometime, I suppose.

Starting with Equinox, she's an okay character I suppose, but her story (involving being chased by a monster in the woods near Moosonee) seems almost insignificant to the story involving the newly forming Justice League United: Animal Man, Hawkman, Supergirl, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Adam and Alanna Strange, and Stargirl.

That said, if Equinox is underdeveloped the rest are but cardboard caricatures. Most of them I hadn't even heard of before, but was hoping to learn something, maybe even connect enough to explore them more fully. That didn't happen. But perhaps saddest of all was Animal Man, who Lemire had previously developed with so much depth in his own titular series. Here he's reduced to trading snide quips with Green Arrow.

The plot itself? Seems like a cross between Brian K. Vaughan's Saga series and Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira. A multi-race baby has been bred, with genes that including the fighting factions amongst many more, in the hopes that it will unite the opposing sides. But the baby has potential superpowers, dangerous powers if it should fall into the wrong hands. Of course the wrong hands appear and there are also those that want the baby destroyed. Justice League United, mostly under the leadership of Martian Manhunter who has bonded with the child, wants to protect it.

McKone's art is non-threatening, not innovative. But if I was complaining that it was too generic, I perhaps shouldn't have complained too loudly. There's a final story in this collected volume that is not drawn by McKone, but by Timothy Green. His certainly has a more distinct style, but I can't say it's one I appreciate. The females in particular have long, stretched out legs and tiny feet, and would look like Barbies except for hair that seems to float around them as if they're submerged underwater. All of which do nothing for the story. Style for the sake of style.

Would have I have felt as harsh had this not been Lemire and I didn't have such high expectations? Probably not, but then I'd probably not have read it either.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Reader's Diary #1173- Rebecca Rosenblum: Ms. Universe


Rebecca Rosenblum's "Ms. Universe" has Martians in it and it was published in 2013. That struck me as odd at first. Martians seem like a 1950s thing. Perhaps, I supposed, this was meant to be a story written in the 50s. A narrator couldn't have written about being attracted to someone of the same gender in the 50s, and one from another race/culture at that, so the Martian elements may have been meant as an attempt at a front.

Or it may actually have been about Martians. In any case, it held my attention the whole way through and I quite enjoyed it. Entertaining with lots of emotion and societal commentary.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Reader's Diary #1172- Scott McCloud: The Sculptor

It was only last year that I read Scott McCloud's masterpiece, Understanding Comics. Written in 1993 it's a must-read for anyone getting serious about comics.

Clearly McCloud knew his stuff. Though I'd already been heavy into comics for a few years by that point he still made be understand and appreciate the complexities and subtleties that go into a comic.

But those were technical points. How, I wondered, would he handle a fictional story, a creation, of his own? I got my answer.

The Sculptor is another masterpiece. I feel like I shouldn't throw that term around so casually, but I would find it harder to deny that that's exactly what this book is.

It's true that McCloud's Understanding Comics cast a shadow over The Sculptor for me initially as I found myself labeling all the techniques I could find or impressing over new ones (he does a neat thing with the gray scale in this book, making a single character or object more intensely darker to capture different moods or importance). But quickly the story, the characters, and the art of it all sucked me in, fully and utterly.

It's about a sculptor with the generic name David Smith who makes a deal with death that for a few short months he would be able to sculpt anything, out of anything, with his bare hands. And then he would die.

Of course that becomes complicated when he falls in love.

But it's not a love story. Or it is. But it's more a treatise about art; the business of art, the legacy of art, the meaning and purpose of art. And it's absolutely gorgeous.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The 9th Canadian Book Challenge

What is it? How do I join? And Other FAQs

1. What is the Canadian Book Challenge?

The Canadian Book Challenge is an annual online reading challenge in which participants from Canada and around the world aim to read and review 13 or more Canadian books in a one year span: Canada Day to Canada Day. Reviews must be posted online and participants are asked to share links to their reviews with other participants. More on reviews below.(It's also a lot of fun and collectively we've read and reviewed thousands of Canadian titles! Actually, the whole books, not just the titles.)

2. How do I join?

Send me an email (jmutford (at) hotmail [dot] com) with the subject line "Sign Me Up!" and I'll add you to the list. Consider yourself a participant even if you don't get a response from me right away. Come July 1st you can get started right away. As soon as I get your first link (see below), I'll add your name to the participant list on the sidebar of this blog.

3. Oh no, it's past July 1st, can I still join?

Of course! In the past I've had people join in the very last month. My response to latecomers is always the same: If you think you can realistically read and review 13 books in the time remaining, then why not? To join, just follow the exact same instructions as above.

4. What constitutes a Canadian book?

Canadian books can include any genre or form (picture books, poetry, novels, non-fiction, plays, anthologies, graphic novels, cookbooks, etc), can be written by Canadian authors (by birth or immigration) or about Canadians. Ultimately, participants must decide for themselves whether or not something fits the description of Canadian.

4. Do I need to know ahead of time which books I'll be reading?

No. But by all means, if you want to plan ahead, do so. Some people find it's more of a challenge to do it this way, and others prefer to find their next book as it comes. If you do make a list and decide to alter it along the way, that's fine.

5. Do I need to have a theme?

No. I personally like to read at least one book from each province and territory (it's the whole reason 13 has become the goal number). In the past, some of the themes included deceased authors, mysteries, aboriginal books, poetry, and rereads. In other years we've had people choose books solely by a particular author or province. The options are yours to decide.

Certainly a theme could make the challenge more difficult, but then again, it could also make it more fun. In any case, the majority of participants opt to have no theme at all, just pushing for 13 random Canadian books. They feel they can still read what they want, when they want and aren't too confined by restrictions. The choice is up to you.

6. What if I don't reach 13 books or if I do?

If you don't, but you've had fun, it's still good. Your reviews will still be read by other participants. And you'll have a chance again when the next edition comes around. Some people ask if it's okay to fill up the remainder with children's books since they're shorter. I personally think children's books (picture books) are just as valid and need to be read and discussed as much as novels. Others think that it's a challenge, and as such, shouldn't be easy. Again, this is a participant's decision to make.

If you do reach 13, you may stop, or keep going. Remember, it's 13 or more. I love to see how many I can squeeze in. There are no prizes for reading the most. I want to stress that this is not a competition against other people. However, for all those that do meet the requirement of 13 or more, your names will be put in for a random draw for a prize.

7. Can my books count towards other challenges?

Of course! That's half the fun! I read some this past year that counted in the Graphic Novels Challenge and the Canadian Book Challenge.

8. I don't live in Canada and am finding it difficult to get my hands on Canadian books. Any recommendations or solutions?

It'll probably be easier to find some of our "big names" at your library (Margaret Atwood and Carol Shields, for example). Of course, you can always order online and check out the digital book market. And if you ask nicely enough, Canadian participants have been known to ship books far and wide to help out.

9. What if I read a book and don't have time to review it?

Sorry, that's one point I'm sticky on. I don't count it until it's reviewed. By all means, feel free to read 13 Canadian books, but the reviewing part is an equal component of the challenge. I want the books talked about even if you didn't enjoy it. While I say "review" I don't mean anything necessarily lengthy and I don't mean necessarily a review as much as I mean your thoughts on the book, questions about why an author said something, memories it stirred up. Anything, just something.

10. What if I don't finish a book, can I still review and count it?
Personally, I wouldn't but it's entirely your choice. If you feel that it's the book's fault that you didn't finish it, I suppose that's worthy of noting. If you left the book at the beach and haven't found another copy, probably not.

11. I don't have a blog, how do I post a review online?

Most Canadian Book Challenge participants are bloggers, but not all. Book reviews can also be posted on other sites such as GoodReads, Bookcrossing, Chapters, Amazon, and more. However, I do have a few requirements:

i. Participants wishing to read your reviews should not need a membership or sign up to do so. For instance, anyone can read a review at Chapters, so it's fine. However, a review posted on Facebook would be out since not everyone has a Facebook account and would not be able to access it.

ii. When you share a link make sure it's directly to your review and participants do not have to go searching endlessly to find it. For instance, if you blog, link to your posts, not your entire blog. (For example: Review NOT Blog) If you link from Chapters, after you write and publish your review, you will be be able to click on your review title which will provide your link in the URL bar. (For example: Review NOT Book page)

Yet another option is simply writing your review in an email to me (jmutford (at) hotmail [dot] com) and I'll happily post it on The Book Mine Set.

12. How do I share links to my reviews?

Each month there will be a roundup post here at the Book Mine Set. This year I'll once again be using a link sharing tool from similar to the one they use at the Graphic Novels Challenge. Whenever you finish writing a review, just head to my blog and click on the "Share your link" icon. Add your name and in parentheses the title of the book you just reviewed, then provide the link. I'll also ask that in the comment section of that post that you bring us up to speed on your progress so far (ex. 6/13 read). I'll send an email reminder once a month.

13. Will there be prizes?

Possibly. In the past I've offered monthly prizes, but I've had to spend a lot of time soliciting publishers for donations.  Canadian publishing companies and authors have been very generous in their support. In an effort to keep my workload down, I'm leaving the ball in their court. Should publishers or authors want to donate books as prizes, they can contact me at jmutford (at) hotmail [dot] com to arrange the details. And if there are no prizes this time around, let's let finishing the challenge be its own reward.

14. What's up with the logo?
The theme of this year's edition is music. Don't worry, you don't have to read Justin Bieber's biography or anything like that, it's just a fun way to organize the challenge (see question 15 below) and so, that explains the guitar taking the place of the maple leaf on the Canadian flag. As for all those "stickers" on the guitar? I asked last year's participants to give me one word, or author, or setting, or phrase, or character that they felt just had to be represented in a Canadian lit collage and those can all be found there. Granted, I realize that condensing the logo down to button size made many of the images too small too see, but rest assured they're there. They include, but are not limited to:
- a passage about landscape written by Robertson Davies
- Anne of Green Gables' hair
- Pierre Berton's tie
- Farley Mowat's The Dog That Wouldn't Be
- Polly Horvath's M is for Mountie

(To see more click on the guitar below and zoom in for a bigger image. See how many you can identify!)

The idea was inspired by the Six String Nation

15. Besides the logo, anything new with the 9th edition?
I like to also theme participant progress in the sidebar of my blog. In the past for instance, if you've read 1 book or 7 books so far, you may have been charted as having reached certain Canadian mountain peaks or popular Canadian food. This year I've used results from a CBC Radio initiative they had in 2013 in which they ranked the best Canadian Albums of All Time. Read 13 books? You've reached Neil Young's Harvest!

Like Canadian Book Challenges of years gone by, this one, too, shall be a work in progress. Stay tuned throughout the year to see new features...

14. How can I help?

By joining, reading and reviewing, obviously. And sharing links to your reviews. I also need help with promotion. Please, even if you're opting not to participate this time around, help promote the challenge on your blog. Feel free to write a post that tells your readers that you're joining and why, and if you've participated before, how much fun it is. Also, use the logo above, feel free to place it permanently in your sidebar.

15. Nine years? Aren't you tired?

Nah, it's a labour of love. On that note, however, I do wish to announce that there is an end in sight. I have decided to continue to 10 editions. After which point, I hope to pass it off to someone else to run. But that's still a little way off. For now, let's make the 9th year, the best one... so far. 

The 8th Canadian Book Challenge - Final Recap

Happy Canada Day!!!

This concludes another rollicking edition of the Canadian Book Challenge! A huge thank-you to all those who participated, promoted, and encouraged one another over the past 12 months. I hope you will all consider taking on the challenge once again. In the meantime, here's a look back at the accomplishments and eclectic collection of Canadian books we read together:

- We've read and reviewed a total of 560 books!
- The grand total for all 8 years combined is 6524.
- Of the people 34 who participated, 20 finished (reached 13 or more books)
- Irene read and reviewed a whopping 118 books, beating her last year record of 100.
- Mike Filey had the most books reviewed at 14 (special thanks to Teena).
- The most popular book reviewed was Emily St. John Mandel's Station Eleven with 6 reviews.

Abbott, Victoria
- The Christie Curse (RIEDEL Fascination)
- The Sayers Swindle (RIEDEL Fascination)

Abdou, Angie
- Anything Boys Can Do (AngelaLaughing)
- Between (AngelaLaughing)

Ace, Cathy
- The Case of the Dotty Dowager (TracyK)

Aguirre, Carmen
- Something Fierce (John)

Alexis, André
- Pastoral (Shan)

Allan, Mabel Esther
- An Island in a Green Sea (RIEDEL Fascination)

Al-Solaylee, Kamal
- Intolerable (Shan)

Amato, Mirella
- Beerology (Teena, Swordsman)

Andrews, Jan
- Winter of Peril (Nicola)  

Arden, Jann
- Falling Backwards (Teena)

Arend, Vivian
- Baby, Be Mine (JoAnne)
- One Sexy Ride (JoAnne)
- Rocky Mountain Angel (JoAnne)
- Rocky Mountain Desire (JoAnne)
- Rocky Mountain Freedom (JoAnne)
- Rocky Mountain Haven (JoAnne)
- Rocky Mountain Heat (JoAnne)
- Rocky Mountain Rebel (JoAnne)
- Rocky Ride (JoAnne)
- Whirlpool (JoAnne)

Armstrong, Kelley
- The Calling (JoAnne@LitlequeenRules)
- The Gathering (JoAnne@LitlequeenRules) 
- Industrial Magic (JoAnne) 
- Omens (Jules)

- The Rising (JoAnne@LitlequeenRules, Pussreboots)
- Sea of Shadows (Pussreboots)

Atwood, Margaret
- Bluebeard's Egg (Nicola, MaryR)
- The Door (Eric)

- The Handmaid's Tale (MaryR) 
- Morning in the Burned House (Eric)
- Power Politics (Jules) 
- Stone Mattress (Jules, Barbara)

Baker, Jacqueline
- The Broken Hours (Melwyk)

Baldwin, Shauna Singh
- What the Body Remembers (AngelaLaughing)

Barclay, Linwood
- Lone Wolf (Lisa)
- Never Saw it Coming (Shonna)
- No Safe House (Luanne, Teena, Shonna, Lisa N, Nicola)
- No Time for Goodbye (Nicola)

- A Tap on the Window (Shonna)

Basu, Arjun
- Waiting for the Man (Shan, Jules)

Beaton, Kate
- Hark! A Vagrant (Pussreboots)

Beaton, M. C.
- Death of a Liar (Sharon)

Benison, C. C.
- Death at Buckingham Palace (Sharon)

Beresford-Howe, Constance
- The Book of Eve (Melwyk)

Berkhout, Nina
- The Gallery of Lost Species (Shan)

Berton, Laura Beatrice
- I Married the Klondike (John)

Bezmozgis, David
- The Betrayers (Shan, Jules)

Bishop, Ev
- Wedding Bands (JoAnne)

Black, Michael
- I'm Bored illustrated by Debbie Redpath Ohi (John)

Blum, Vicki
- Shadow Unicorn (RIEDEL Fascination)
- Wish Upon a Unicorn (RIEDEL Fascination)

Bondrup-Nielsen, Soren
- Merging (Steve)

Bosanquet, Mary
- Saddlebags for Suitcases (Barb in BC)

Bowen, Gail
- 12 Rose Street (Mysteries and More)
- Deadly Appearances (Nicola, RIEDEL Fascination)
- The Wandering Soul Murders (TracyK)

Bowen, Rhonda
- Hitting the Right Note (Shan)

Braden, Bill
- Bridging the Dehcho (John)

Bradford, Karleen
- Animal Heroes (RIEDEL Fascination)
- A Country of Our Own (Nicola)
- Dear Canada: A Desperate Road to Freedom (Nicola)

Bradford, Michael
- Button Hill (Nicola)

Bradley, Alan
- As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust (Melwyk, Shonna, TracyK, Luanne, MaryR)

Braemel, Leah
Slow Ride Home (JoAnne)
- Tangled Past (JoAnne)
- Texas Tangle (JoAnne)

Brand, Dionne
- Love Enough (Shan)

Brooks, Martha
- A Hill for Looking (RIEDEL Fascination)

Buchanan, Cathy Marie
- The Painted Girls (Raidergirl)

Callaghan, Morley
- More Joy in Heaven (Eric)

Cameron, Anne
- Earth Witch (RIEDEL Fascination)

Canfield, Jack and Mark Victor Hansen, Janet Metthews, Raymond Aaron
- Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul (Irene)

Canfield, Jack and Mark Victor Hansen, Amy Newmark
- Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada (Teena)

Cannon, Chris and Brian Calvert
- America, But Better (Irene)

Carroll, Emily
- Through the Woods (Nicola, Pussreboots)

Catling, Libby Whittall
- Twelve Days of Christmas in Fort Reliance illustrated by Alison McCreesh (John)

Chan, Gillian
- Dear Canada: An Ocean Apart (Nicola)

Chapman, Brenda
- Cold Mourning (Mysteries and More)

Chow, Olivia
- My Journey (Teena)

Christopher, Neil
- The Country of Wolves illustrated by Ramón Pérez (John)
Chuvalo, George and Murray Greig
- Chuvalo: A Fighter's Life (Teena)

Clark, Margaret Goff
- Mystery at Star Lake (RIEDEL Fascination)

Clark, Trevor
- Hair Trigger (Teena)

Clarke, George Elliott
- Traverse (Eric)

Clarkson, Adrienne
- Belonging: The Paradox of Citizenship (Irene)

Coady, Lynn
- Saints of Big Harbour (Lisa N) 

Cohen, Tish
- The Truth About Delilah Blue (Sam Lamb) 

Collins, PJ Sarah
- What Happened to Serenity? (John) 

Conley, Jay
- Ben and the Bear and the Honeysuckle Tree (RIEDEL Fascination) 

Coupland, Douglas
- Terry (Lisa N)
- Worst. Person. Ever. (Swordsman, Teena)

Craven, Margaret
- I Heard the Owl Call My Name (Barb in BC)

Creighton, Luella
- High Bright Buggy Wheels (Barb in BC)

Crocker, Pat
- The Juicing Bible (Teena)
- The Smoothies Bible (Teena)

Crummey, Michael
- River Thieves (John)
- Sweetland (Luanne, AngelaLaughing)

Cutter, Nick
- The Troop (John

Czerneda, Julie
- A Play of Shadow (Kim)
- Reap the Wild Wind (Jules) 
- Riders of the Storm (Jules) 
- Rift in the Sky (Jules)

- A Turn of Light (Kim) 

Davies, Robertson
- The Cunning Man (Mary R) 

Davis, Lauren B.
- Our Daily Bread (Sam Lamb) 

Dawson, Willow
- Hyena in Petticoats (John)

de Adder, Michael
- You Might be From Nova Scotia If... (Lisa N)

Decevito, Carey
- Once Written, Twice Shy (JoAnne)

Delany, Vicki
- Juba Good (Jo)

De la Roche, Mazo
- Finch's Fortune (Pussreboots)
- Jalna (Pussreboots, Barb in BC)

Delisle, Guy
- Burma Chronicles (Pussreboots)

Delany, Vicki
- Gold Digger (RIEDEL Fascination)
- Juba Good (Jo)  

De la Roche, Mazo
- Whiteoaks of Jalna (Pussreboots) 

De Lint, Charles
- Seven Wild Sisters (Pussreboots)

De Mariaffi, Elisabeth
- The Devil You Know (Shan, Luanne)

Denison, Merrill
- Power to Go (Pussreboots)

De Sa, Anthony
- Barnacle Love (Teena)

Deutschendorf, Harvey
- The Other Kind of Smart (Irene)

DeWitt, Patrick
- The Sisters Brothers (John)

Deverell, William
- Sing a Worried Song (Mysteries and More)

Dickner, Nicolas
- Apocalypse for Beginners (Eric)

Dingle, Adrian
- Nelvana of the Northern Lights (John)

Ditchoff, Pamela
- Phoebe's Way (Melwyk)

Doctor, Farzana
- Six Metres of Pavement (Teena)

Doctorow, Cory
- In Real Life illustrated by Jen Wang (Nicola, Pussreboots)
- Little Brother (John) 

Donoghue, Emma
- Frog Music (Jules)

Doolin, Carla
- Spitfire (JoAnne@LitlequeenRules)

Doyle, Alan
- Where I Belong (Teena, Swordsman, Lisa N)

Echlin, Kim
- Under the Visible Life (Melwyk)

Eddie, Christine
- The Douglas Notebooks translated by Sheila Fischman (Shannon)

Eddie, David
- Chump Change (Teena)

Edugyan, Esi
Dreaming of Elsewhere (Shan)

Ellis, Deborah
- Moon at Nine (Irene) 

Ellis, Sarah
- Outside In (Pussreboots)
- Dear Canada: Days of Toil and Tears (Nicola)

Engel, Howard
- Murder on Location (TracyK, RIEDEL Fascination)
- The Ransom Game (RIEDEL Fascination)
- The Suicide Murders (RIEDEL Fascination)

Engel, Marian
- Bear (Steve)

Evans, C. D. and Shyba, Lorene (editors)
- Tough Crimes (Mysteries and More)

Fallis, Terry
- No Relation (Luanne, Lisa N, Sam Lamb)

Faryon, Cynthia J.
- Unsung Heroes of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RIEDEL Fascination)

Fawkes, Ray
- The People Inside (Pussreboots)

Feeney, Mara
- Rankin Inlet (John)

Fielding, Joy
- See Jane Run (JoAnne) 

Filey, Mike
- I Remember Sunnyside (Teena)
- More Toronto Sketches (Teena)
- A Toronto Album (Teena)
- A Toronto Album 2 (Teena)
- Toronto Sketches 3 (Teena)
- Toronto Sketches 4 (Teena)
- Toronto Sketches 5 (Teena)
- Toronto Sketches 6 (Teena)  
- Toronto Sketches 7 (Teena)
- Toronto Sketches 8 (Teena) 
- Toronto Sketches 9 (Teena)
- Toronto Sketches 10 (Teena)
- Toronto Sketches 11 (Teena)
- Toronto: The Way We Were (Teena

Fisher, Sam
- Scare Scape (Kim)

Fortier, Dominique
- Wonder translated by Sheila Fischman (Shonna)

Foster, Jo-Anne B.
- The End, the New Beginning (Barbara)
- One Thousand (Barbara)

Fradkin, Barbara
- None So Blind (Mysteries and More)

Galchen, Rivka
- American Innovations (Shan)

Gates, Eva
- By Book or By Crook (Mysteries and More)

Gault, Connie
- A Beauty (Shan)

Gilbert, Cyndi
- The Essential Guide to Women's Herbal Medicine (Teena)

Glover, Douglas
- Woman Gored by Bison Lives (John)

Godfrey, Martyn
- Here She Is, Ms. Teeny-Wonderful! (Pussreboots)

Goldstein, Jonathan
- I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow (Barbara)

Golin, Ed
- Marshy Winter illustrated by Jerry Maryniuk (RIEDEL Fascination)

Gordon, Alison
- Night Game (Mysteries and More)

Graham, Genevieve
- Tides of Honour (Luanne)

Grant, Jessica
- Making Light of Tragedy (AngelaLaughing)

Gravel, Elise
- The Rat (Shonna)
- The Slug (Shonna)

Gray, John MacLachlan
- Billy Bishop Goes to War with Eric Peterson (Pussreboots)

Greer, David
- White Horses and Shoting Stars (RIEDEL Fascination)

Gregory, Daryl
- Afterparty (Pussreboots)

Gruen, Sara
- At the Water's Edge (Shan, Nicola)
- Water for Elephants (John)

Hadfield, Chris
- An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth (Lisa)
- You are Here (Melwyk, Shan, Lisa, Teena, Swordsman)

Haldane, Seán
- The Devil's Making (Mysteries and More)

Halliday, Keith
- Aurore of the Yukon (RIEDEL Fascination)

Hamilton, Ian
- The Red Pole of Macau (Mysteries and More)
- The Wild Beasts of the Wuhan (Mysteries and More)

Hamilton, Lyn
- African Quest (RIEDEL Fascination)

Hancock, Pat
- Crazy Canadian Trivia (RIEDEL Fascination)
- Haunted Canada: True Ghost Stories (RIEDEL Fascination)

Harlick, R. J.
- Silver Totem of Shame (Mysteries and More)

Hartman, Rachel
- Shadow Scale (Kim)

Haworth-Attard, Barbara
- Dear Canada: A Trail of Broken Dreams (Nicola)

Heine, William C.
- The Last Canadian (Barb in BC)

Helwig, David
- Saltsea (Jules)

Herman, Gail
- Who is Wayne Gretzky? (Nicola)

Heti, Susan
- How Should a Person Be? (Sam Lamb)

Hicks, Faith Erin
- Friends with Boys (John)

Hill, Lawrence
- The Book of Negroes (Jules)

Holmes, Peggy
- Never a Dull Moment (Barb in BC)

Hooper, Emma
- Etta and Otta and Russell and James (Shan)

Horvath, Polly
- Mr. and Mrs. Bunny Detectives Extraordinaire (Pussreboots)

Horwood, Harold
- White Eskimo (Barb in BC)

Hough, Robert
- The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan (Teena)

Huff, Tanya
- The Better Part of Valor (Kim)
- The Heart of Valor (Kim) 
- The Truth of Valor (Kim)
- Valor's Choice (Kim)
- Valor's Trail (Kim)

Hughes, Monica
- Invitation to the Game (Kim)

Hughes, Susan
- Let's Call it Canada (Pussreboots)
- No Girls Allowed illustrated by Willow Dawson (John)

Humphreys, Helen
- The Evening Chorus (Shan)

Hunter, Aislinn
- The World Before Us (Melwyk)

Hutchinson, Chris
- A Brief History of the Short Lived (Eric)
- Other People's Lives (Eric)

Itani, Frances
- Remembering the Bones (AngelaLaughing)
- Tell (Shan, Jules)

Jennings, Maureen
- Season of Darkness (TracyK)

Jiles, Paulette
- Sitting in the Club Car and Drinking Rum and Karma-Cola (Steve)

Johnson, Plum
- They Left Us Everything (Teena)

Johnston, E. K.
- The Story of Owen, Dragonslayer of Trondheim (Kim)

Kale, Kathy T.
- Black Death in a New Age (Heather)

Kambolis, Michele
- Generation Stressed (Irene)

Karlinsky, Harry
- The Stonehenge Letters (Shonna)

Karram, Kerry
- Death Wins in the Arctic (Swordsman, Teena)

Katz, Welwyn Wilton
Witchery Hill (RIEDEL Fascination)

Kay, Guy Gavriel
- The Summer Tree (RIEDEL Fascination)
- The Wandering Fire (RIEDEL Fascination)
- Ysabel (Shonna)

Kearsley, Susanna
- A Desperate Fortune (Luanne, Claire)

Kelly, Sofie
- Curiosity Thrilled the Cat (RIEDEL Fascination)

Kennedy, Elle
- As Hot as it Gets (JoAnne)
- Feeling Hot (JoAnne)
- Getting Hotter (JoAnne)
- Hotter Than Ever (JoAnne)
- One Night of Sin (JoAnne)

Keri, Jonah
- Up, Up, and Away (Swordsman, Teena)

Kertes, Joseph
- The Afterlife of Stars (Shonna)

King, Thomas
- The Back of the Turtle (Melwyk)
- The Inconvenient Indian (Shan)

Koyczan, Shane
- To This Day: For the Bullied and Beautiful (Nicola, Pussreboots)

Kobayashi, Tamai
- Prairie Ostrich (Giraffe Days)

Kostelnik, Dawn
- The White Girl (John)

Kulling, Monica
- Spic-and-Span illustrated by David Parkins (Heather)

Kurlansky, Mark
- Birdseye (Mary R)

Kusugak, Michael
- Hide and Sneak illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka (RIEDEL Fascination)

Kusugak, Michael and Robert Munsch
- A Promise is a Promise illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka (RIEDEL Fascination)

Lansens, Lori
- The Mountain Story (Melwyk, Tanya, Luanne)

Lapierre, Jean
- The Morning After (Swordsman)

Lau, Doretta
- How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun? (AngelaLaughing)

Laurence, Margaret
- A Jest of God (Eric)
- The Stone Angel (John, Irene)
- This Side Jordan (RIEDEL Fascination)

Lawson, Mary
- Road Ends (Melissa @ Jayne's Books, Raidergirl)

Leach, Norman S. 
- America's First Broken Arrow (Swordsman)

Leask, Andrea
- Ty and the Fly illustrated by Allison McCreesh (John)

Lee, J. J.
- The Measure of a Man (Melwyk)

Leech, Jim and Jacquie McNish
The Third Rail (Teena)
Lemire, Jeff
- Animal Man, Vol. 1 (Travel Foreman)
- Green Arrow, Vol. 4: The Kill Machine (Nicola) 
- Green Arrow, Vol. 5: The Outsiders War (Nicola) 
- Teen Titans: Earth One, Vol. 1 (Nicola)
- Trillium (Nicola, John)
- The Underwater Welder (John)

Léveillé, J. R.
- The Setting Lake Sun translated by S. E. Stewart (RIEDEL Fascination)

Levine, Allan
- Toronto: Biography of a City (Teena)

Lindhout, Amanda and Sara Corbett
- A House in the Sky (AngelaLaughing)

Lines, Kate
- Crime Seen (Nicola)

Little, Jean
- Dear Canada: All Fall Down (Nicola)
- Dear Canada: If I Die Before I Wake (Nicola)

Lunn, Janet
- The Hollow Tree (Nicola)

MacDonald, Ann-Marie
- Adult Onset (AngelaLaughing)

MacDonald, Cameron
- The Endangered Species Road Trip (Pussreboots)

MacDonald, Zillah K.
Mystery of the Piper's Ghost (RIEDEL Fascination)

MacFarlane, Leslie (Franklin L. Dixon)
- The Missing Chums (RIEDEL Fascination)

MacLennan, Hugh
- Two Solitudes (Eric)

MacLeod, Alistair
- Remembrance (Shonna)

MacLeod, Charlotte
- The Corpse in Oozak's Pond (RIEDEL Fascination)
- The Palace Guard (RIEDEL Fascination)
- Rest You Merry (TracyK)

Maendel, Linda
- Hutterite Diaries (Sharon)

Maffini, Mary Jane
- Lament for a Lounge Lizard (RIEDEL Fascination)
- Too Hot to Handle (RIEDEL Fascination)

Malcolm, David
- Pine Cones and Small Stones (John)

Mandel, Emily St. John
- Last Night in Montreal (MaryR)
- Station Eleven (Melwyk, Raidergirl, MaryR, Jules, Tanya, Melissa)

Manuel, Lynn
- Mystery at Cranberry Farm (RIEDEL Fascination)
- Return to Cranberry Farm (RIEDEL Fascination)

Martin, Andrea
- Lady Parts (Teena)

Mason, Susan Anne
- Irish Meadows (Sharon)

Matas, Carol
- Dear Canada: Pieces of the Past (Nicola)
- Dear Canada: Turned Away (Nicola)

Mattich, Alen
Killing Pilgrim (Mysteries and More)

Mayes, Michael
- Which Way Back? illustrated by Rory O'Sullivan (Pussreboots)

McCallion, Hazel and Robert Brehl
- Hurricane Hazel (Teena)

McCarney, Rosemary
- Every Day is Malala Day (Irene)

McClintock, Norah
- Dear Canada:  A Sea of Sorrows (Nicola)

McClung, Nellie L.
-  Purple Springs (Pussreboots)

McFadden, Deanna
- The Work Boyfriend (Luanne)

McFarlane, Todd
- Spawn, Origin Collections Vol. 1 (John)

McFetridge, John
- Dirty Sweet (Teena)

McGrath, M. J.
- White Heat (TracyK)

McIsaac, Jodi
- Through the Door (RIEDEL Fascination)

McLean, Jesse
- Wait For It (Shan)

McLeod, Alan and Jordan St. John
- Ontario Beer (Teena, Swordsman)

McLuhan, Marshall
- Culture is Our Business (Pussreboots)

McNicoll, Sylvia
- Last Chance for Paris (Melissa Lee)

McWatt, Tessa
- Higher Ed (Shan)

Mersereau, Bob
- The History of Canadian Rock n' Roll (Teena)

Messud, Claire
- The Woman Upstairs (AngelaLaughing)

Mian, Sarah
- When the Saints (Teena)

Michaels, Sean
- Us Conductors (Shan)

Mighton, John
- Scientific Americans (Eric)

Millar, Margaret
- Beyond this Point are Monsters (Melwyk)
- Wall of Eyes (TracyK)

Millar, Mark
- Civil War illustrated by Steve McNiven (John)

Miller, K. D.
- All Saints (Shonna)

Miller, Lawrence
- The Avro Arrow (Steve)

Moffat, John W.
- Einstein Wrote Back (Steve)

Moffitt, Mitchell and Greg Brown
- AsapSCIENCE (Shan)

Mofina, Rick
- Full Tilt (Teena)
- Six Seconds (Teena)
- Vengeance Road (Teena)

Montgomery, Lucy Maud
- Anne of Green Gables (Sam Lamb)
- Anne of Green Gables read by Colleen Winton (Raidergirl)
- Anne of Avonlea read by Colleen Winton (Sharon)
- Anne of Avonlea read by Sheila Frasier (Raidergirl)
- Anne of the Island read by Renee Raudman (Raidergirl)
- Anne of the Island read by Sharon Savage (Sharon)

Moore, Lisa
- February (Lisa N) 

Mootoo, Shani
- Moving Forward Sideways like a Crab (Shan)

Morstad, Julie
- How To (Pussreboots)

Mowat, Farley
 - And No Birds Sang (Swordsman)
- Bay of Spirits (Swordsman)
- The Boat Who Wouldn't Float (RIEDEL Fascination)
- People of the Deer (Swordsman)

Munro, Alice
- Friend of My Youth (Jules)
- Open Secrets (Barbara)
- Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You (Eric)
- The View from Castle Rock (AngelaLaughing)

Munro, Jane
- Active Pass (Eric
- Blue Sonoma (Eric)
- Point No Point (Eric)

Murphy-Lamb, Lisa
- Dinosaur Hunters: Uncovering The Hidden Remains Of Canada's Ancient Giants (RIEDEL Fascination)

Myers, Rob
- Heart Disease (Irene Roth)

Nawaz, Zarqa
- Laughing All the Way to the Mosque (Teena, Claire, Shan)

Norman, Michael
- Canadian Hauntings (RIEDEL Fascination)

Norman, Peter
- Emberton (Melwyk)

Nouwen, Henri J. M.
- Life of the Beloved (Sharon)

North, Suzanne
- Bones to Pick (Mysteries and More)

Oke, Janette and Laurel Oke Logan
- Where Trust Lies (Melissa Lee)

O'Keefe, David
- One Day in August (Swordsman)  

O'Leary, Kevin
- The Cold Hard Truth About Men, Women, and Money (Teena)
- The Cold Hard Truth on Business, Money, and Life (Teena)
- The Cold Hard Truth on Family, Kids, and Money (Teena)

Oleson, Dave
- Kinds of Winter (John)

O'Malley, Bryan Lee
- Seconds (Nicola)

O'Neill, Heather
- The Girl who was Saturday Night (Shan, Eric, Barbara)

Oram, Jean
- Champagne and Lemon Drops (JoAnne@LitlequeenRules)

Ozeki, Ruth
- A Tale for the Time Being (Sam Lamb)

Page, Kathy
- Paradise and Elsewhere (Shan)

Peacock, Andrew
- Creatures of the Rock (Nicola, Teena)

Peacock, Shane
- Mystery of Ireland's Eye (RIEDEL Fascination)

Pearson, Kit
- Dear Canada: Whispers of  War (Nicola)

Pelley, Chad
- Every Little Thing (Buried in Print)

Pennie, Ross
- Tainted (TracyK)

Penny, Louise
- The Beautiful Mystery read by Ralph Cosham (Jo)
- A Fatal Grace (Lisa N)
- The Cruelest Month (Lisa N, Tracy K)
- The Long Way Home (John Forrester, Mysteries and More)
- The Long Way Home read by Ralph Cosham (Luanne, Shonna)
- A Rule Against Murder (Lisa)
- Still Life (Lisa N)

Peppas, Lynn
- Groundhog Day (Irene)
- What are Cirrus Clouds? (Irene)

Peters, Peter J.
- This Land of Ours (RIEDEL Fascination)

Pick, Alison
- Between Gods (Melwyk)

Pilkey, Brent
- Lethal Rage (Teena)
- Savage Rage (Teena)
- Secret Rage (Teena)

Pobi, Rob
- Harvest (Luanne)

Portman, Dale
- Rescue Dogs: Crime & Rescue Canines In The Canadian Rockies (RIEDEL Fascination)

Proulx, E. Annie
- The Shipping News (Barb in BC)

Pura, Murray
- London Dawn (Sharon)

Pye, Donna-Marie
- Canada's Slow Cooker Winners (Teena)
- Easy Everyday Slow Cooker Recipes (Teena)

Pyle, Ryan
- Chinese Turkestan (Nicola)

Quiviger, Pascale
- The Perfect Circle translated by Sheila Fischman (AngelaLaughing)

Rachman, Tom
- The Rise and Fall of Great Powers (52booksorbust)

Ramnanan, Susan
- Nothing Like Love (Shonna)

Reid, Raziel
- When Everything Feels like the Movies (Shan)

Reisman, Rose
- The Balance of Living Well (Irene)
- The Best of Rose Reisman (Irene)
- Divine Indulgences (Irene)

Rempel, Al
- This Isn't the Apocalypse We Hoped For (Eric)

Renzetti, Elizabeth
- Based on a True Story (Shonna) 

Reynard, Sylvain
- Gabriel's Inferno (JoAnne) 

Richards, Linda L.
- Death was the Other Woman (TracyK) 

Richards, Nancy Wilcox
- How to be a Friend (Irene Roth)

Richardson, C. S.
- The End of the Alphabet (Eric)

Richler, Mordecai
- Barney's Version (MaryR)
- The Incomparable Atuk (Barb in BC)
- Jacob Two-Two's First Spy Case (RIEDEL Fascination)
- The Street (RIEDEL Fascination)
- St. Urbain's Horseman (MaryR)

Rimstead, Paul
- Rimmer, Dammit! (Swordsman)

Riskin, Dan
- Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You (Barbara)

Rivers, Benjamin
- Snow (Eric)

Robertson, Heather
- More than a Rose (Barb in BC)

Robertson, Ray
- Gently Down the Stream (Shonna)

Robinson, Eden
- Abbatoir Blues (Luanne)
- Monkey Beach (Jules)

Robinson, Spider
- Callahan's Crosstime Salloon (TracyK)

Robson, Jennifer
- After the War is Over (Sharon)

Rogers, Stan and Matt James
- Northwest Passage (John)

Rolheiser, Ronald
- The Restless Heart (Irene)

Rose, Nancy
- The Secret Life of Squirrels (Melwyk, Shonna)

Rotenberg, Robert
- The Glass House (Mysteries and More)
- The Guilty Plea (MaryR)

Rothman, Claire Holden
- My October (Shan, Tanya)

Roy, Gabrielle
- Children of My Heart (Barb in BC)
- The Tin Flute (Eric, Buried in Print)

Rudolph, Katja
- Little Bastards in Springtime (Shonna)

Ruth, Elizabeth
- Matadora (Jules)

Safarik, Allan
- Swede's Ferry (Mysteries and More)

Sagara, Michelle
Cast in Shadow (Jules)

Samuel, Sigal
- The Mystics of Mile End (Tanya)

Saravanja, German
- The Man with the Wolf in His Belly illustrated by Nick MacIntosh (John)

Saucier, Jocelyne
- And the Birds Rained Down (Shan, Jules)

Sawyer, Robert J.
- Flash Forward (Pussreboots)
- Frameshift (Shonna)

Sax, David
- The Tastemakers (Teena)

Scharper, Hilary
- Perdita (Melissa Lee)

Schmidt, Rene
Canadian Disasters (RIEDEL Fascination)

Schoenberger, Debra
- Montreal: Street Photography (Teena)

Short, Martin
- I Must Say (Teena)

Showler, Suzannah
- Failure to Thrive (Eric)

Shrier, Howard
- Boston Cream (Teena)
- Miss Montreal (Teena)

Simms, Michelle
- Weird British Columbia Places (RIEDEL Fascination)

Slayton, Philip
- Mayors Gone Bad (Teena)

Sloan-McIntosh, Kathleen
- 300 Best Potato Recipes (Teena)

Smith, David J.
- If... illustrated by Steve Adams (MaryR)

Smith, Neil
- Boo (Melwyk)

Snyder, Carrie
- Girl Runner (Shonna)

Sohmer, Ryan
- Least I Could Do 5: Yield to Me illustrated by Lar DeSouza (Nicola)

Somerville, Madeleine
- All You Need is Less (Mary R)

Sooley, Jill
- Baggage (Jules)

Spencer, Bev
- You Can't Do That in Canada! (RIEDEL Fascination)

Stairs, Jean
- Be My Companion (Sharon)

Stenson, Fred
- Who by Fire (Melwyk)

Stevens, Chevy
- That Night (Shonna)

Stewart, Sharon
- Dear Canada: Banished from Our Home (Nicola)

St. James, Simone
- Silence for the Dead (Shonna)

St. John, Jordan
- Lost Breweries of Toronto (Swordsman, Teena)

Stone, Danny
- You Have the Keys, Now Drive (Teena)

Strong, Mimi
- Starlight (JoAnne)

Sun, Amanda
- Ink (Pussreboots)
- Shadow (Jules)

Sutherland, Robert
- If Two Are Dead (RIEDEL Fascination)

Szalowski, Pierre
- Fish Change Direction in Cold Weather translated by Alison Anderson (Shonna)

Tamaki, Mariko
- Skim illustrated by Jillian Tamaki (Tanya)
- This One Summer illustrated by Jillian Tamaki (Tanya, Nicola)

Thomas, Kyle
- Yellowknife Street Stories (John)

Thorton, Ian
- The Great and Calamitous Tale of Johan Thoms (Shonna)

Thúy, Kim
- Man (Melwyk)

Todd, Paula
- Extreme Mean (Irene Roth)

Toews, Miriam
- All My Puny Sorrows (Jules)

Torres, J
- Teen Titans Go! The Beast Boy Who Cried Wolf (Nicola)
- Teen Titans Go! Demo (Nicola)

Torres, J and Hicks, Faith Erin
- Bigfoot Boy (Nicola)

Treliving, Jim
- Decisions (Teena)

Unger, Jim
- Herman Classics, Volume 3 (Irene, John)
- Herman Classics, Volume 5 (Irene)

Uppal, Priscila
- Cover Before Striking (Shan)

Urquhart, Jane
- The Night Stages (Shonna)

Vaillant, John
- The Jaguar's Children (Luanne, Shan)

Vanier, Jean
- Signs of the Times (Irene)

Vassanji, M. G.
- The Book of Secrets (AngelaLaughing)

Vaughan, Brian K.
- Saga, Vol. 1 illustrated by Fiona Staples (John)

Vermond, Kira
- Why We Live Where We Live illustrated by Julie McLaughlin (Irene Roth)

Vlaminck, Erik
- Fire and Air translated by Paul Vincent (Shan)

Wagamese, Richard
- Keeper'n Me (Shonna)

Wagler, Ira
- Growing Up Amish (Teena)

Walker, Joan
- Repent at Leisure (Barb in BC) 

Walrond, Karen and Jen Lemen, Sarah-Ji, Kate Inglis, Andrea Scher, Tracey Clark, Paige Balcer, Stephanie Roberts, Irene Nam, Maile Wilson
- Expressive Photography (Teena) 

Walton, Jo
- Among Others (Jules) 

Wangersky, Richard
- Walt (Raidergirl, Teena)

Warren, Dianne
- Cool Water (Mysteries and More)

Warren, Nancy
- Kiss a Girl in the Rain (JoAnne)

Watson, Sheila
- The Double Hook (John)

Watt, Mélanie
- Have I Got a Book For You! (John)

Watts, Peter
- Blindsight (Heather)

Webb, Phyllis
- Selected Poems: The Vision Tree (RIEDEL Fascination)

White, Emily
- Count Me In (Irene)
- Lonely (Irene)

Wiebe, Sam
- Last of the Independents (Mysteries and More)

Wilson, Eric
- The Lost Treasure of Casa Loma (RIEDEL Fascination)
- The Unmasking of 'Ksan (RIEDEL Fascination)

Wilson, G. Willow
- Ms. Marvel No Normal art by Adrian Alphona (John)

Wilson, Graham
- The Klondike Gold Rush (RIEDEL Fascination)

Winspear, Jacqueline
- A Dangerous Place (Sharon)

Wolfe, Inger Ash
- The Calling (TracyK)
- A Door in the River (Mysteries and More)

Wolfram, Regan
- After the Fires Went Out: Coyote (Heather)

Woodman, David C.
- Unravelling the Franklin Mystery: Inuit Testimony (Steve)

Wright, Eric
- Buried in Stone (RIEDEL Fascination)
- Death of a Hired Man (RIEDEL Fascination)
- A Single Death (RIEDEL Fascination)

York, Zoe
- Love in a Small Town (JoAnne)
- Love in a Snow Storm (JoAnne)
- No Time Like Forever (JoAnne)
- What Was Once Perfect (JoAnne)
- When They Weren't Looking (JoAnne)
- Where Their Hearts Collide (JoAnne)

Ziner, Feenie
- Within the Wilderness (Barb in BC)