Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Reader's Diary #1191- Kelly Sue DeConnick (writer), David Lopez (artist): Captain Marvel Higher, Faster, Further, More

The blurb above Captain Marvel's head there comes from says, "This is a pure fun book through-and-through."

Largely I would agree. At the beginning, I found myself thinking of Star Wars. It was in no small part because of the presence of an alien named Ja Kyee Lrurt who, to me at least, bore a resemblance to Ahsoka from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It soon became obvious that I wasn't just imagining things. There's even a direct Star Wars reference at one point when Captain Marvel tries the old "These are not the droids you are looking for" gag.

So it's fun. It's funny, action packed, and the characters are compelling. I didn't know much about Captain Marvel before, not even her origin story. That part is dealt with quickly but effectively for a newbie like me, as a one page comic written by Captain Marvel's (aka Carol Danver's) young nice— though I must say, it's not the most satisfying of origin stories. It once again involves the Kree, an ancient alien race that seems to be Marvel's go-to answer for everything lately.

The art work is good. Again, maybe not ground-breaking but certainly more than serviceable.

But fun, action-packed, and serviceable artwork doesn't mean stupid either. I quite enjoyed DeConnick's political overtones. The arc of the story actually reminded me somewhat of the plight of certain Aboriginal groups. A population of aliens have their homes destroyed, but then are sent to live on another planet. Things are fine until rich minerals are discovered on that planet and suddenly they're being driven off, first with underhanded policies then with direct violence.

I am definitely in for more Captain Marvel adventures.

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