Monday, November 23, 2015

Reader's Diary #1216- Charles Wilson: Clipping Bud

I've written an angry sounding review or two in my day. Sometimes I look back ashamed at such reviews, and in a rare case here or there, I still stand by it.

Charles Wilson's "Clipping Bud" seems to have inspired the angry sort. But not from me. Reading the comments that follow the story, I was sort of taken aback. Was it the best story in the world? No. I thought the dialogue in particular felt forced. But I was entertained there for a bit, and sometimes that's enough.

It seems one of the biggest issue that Wilson's critics had was the unrealistic portrayal of a grow-op. Out of my realm of experience, I can't say I'd have picked up that, but mistakenly I had believed that anyone who would have had experience with such matters would likely have been too mellow to care so much about Wilson's tale. The vitriol is kind of bizarre.

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