Monday, December 07, 2015

Reader's Diary #1223- Darth Marss: The Life Tree

A few years back, we gave our son the Star Wars boxed set and for six days following, him and I bonded over the films. He became a instant fan, and I became a bigger fan. But then, the movies were over. Not wanting to give up so soon, and not having yet discovered the glory that was Clone Wars, we turned to the internet and the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special.

I knew it was infamous. I knew it was supposedly awful. But we went for it anyway. Somethings are just so bad, they're good. Right? Right?

Ummm. Yes, it was so bad, but the novelty of that wore off. Fast.

Nonetheless, with The Force Awakens set to arrive a week before Christmas, I decided to once again go in search of more horrible Christmas-Star Wars fusion, landing (of course) on a fan fiction story called "The Life Tree."

Of course, the preposterous idea of aliens from a galaxy long ago and far away celebrating Christmas does not go unnoticed by the creators of such product, and therefore the aforementioned special is a "Holiday" special and Christmas Day is Life Day. Yeah. There's even a decorated tree for cripes' sakes.

Enter Darth Marss (sigh) with a story about such a tree. It revolves around a young Luke who insists on decorating a weather vane to resemble a Life Tree, despite a ban on the holiday. At the end there's a Life Day miracle.

It's bad, sure, but I wanted it to be worse. At least that would have been entertaining. Come on, Life Day's been banned? Where's the intergalactic equivalent of Fox News feigning outrage? So many lost opportunities. At least the Holiday Special got the craziness right. They milked it for about an hour and 15 minutes longer than necessary, but yeah it was crazy. A short fan fiction would have been the perfect opportunity, but alas Darth Marss (sigh) has squandered it by taking the story waaaaaaay too seriously.

This was not the fan fiction I was looking for.

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