Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reader's Diary #1226- Various Writers & Artists: Guardians of the Galaxy, Best Story Ever

The subtitle of this Guardians of the Galaxy title is misleading for a couple of reasons:

1. It's not a single story
2. Therefore, it also cannot be the best

Had I known this was a random collection, I'd have been less eager to read it. It is made up of single, and except for featuring at least one of the Guardian characters, unconnected tales. These are written by a variety of people (Tim Seeley, Will Corona Pilgrim, Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Doyle, Joe Caramagna, Doug Moench, Scott Edelman, and Jim Starlin) with even more artists than I care to share here. So not surprisingly the quality is all over the place. I enjoyed the stories by Seeley and by Bendis the most and my least favourite was the Joe Caramagna/ Adam Archer "Free Comic Day" story featuring Rocket Raccoon. Those of us who were skeptical about the idea of a talking raccoon but nonetheless pleasantly surprised by the movie have our fears realized instead in this comic, coming across as overly cute and silly.

Still, having not read any Guardians of the Galaxy comics before I enjoyed the collection in getting a sense of who they are (outside the movie) and how they evolved as characters. Perhaps the most drastic change was with Drax the Destroyer.

Best treated as a sampler.

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