Sunday, December 27, 2015

Reader's Diary #1233: Jason Aaron (Writer), Daniel Acuña (Artist)- Wolverine Vs. The X-Men

There something about superheroes battling each other that all fanboys and fangirls can't resist. It's why we had Celebrity Deathmatch, why a drunken argument between 2 educated 30 year olds can be reduced to who would win between a tiger and a polar bear (a tiger), and why Joss Whedon needed that Hulk-buster suit. So, Wolverine Vs. The X-Men is a no-brainer.

That's not exactly what I got, however. Collecting Wolverine #6-9, I gather that #1-5 would be more accurately titled Wolverine vs. The X-Men, but were collected as Wolverine Goes to Hell. This 2nd collection would better be titled Wolverine vs His Demons. Wolverine is possessed and if his X-Men friends can't exorcise him, Cyclops will have to kill him.

So, maybe not the fanboy experience I was after but I enjoyed it anyway. Not normally a fan of possession stories, I liked how it was explored in this tale. With several female X-Men going into Wolverine's mind to help him fight his demons, it took on an Inside Out quality as Aaron found various metaphors to represent the psychology of Logan/ Wolverine.

Not to be outdone, Daniel Acuña's art work, especially on the demons, was fantastic: dark and sketchy with nightmarish Lovecraftian imagery. I'd like to see what he'd do with a Doctor Strange title or perhaps a Lemire-penned Animal Man story.

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