Monday, December 28, 2015

The 2015 Book Mine Set Short Story Online Anthology

52 Weeks = 52 Short Stories. All free and available online. If your life is too busy for one short story a week, you need to step back. Below you'll find links to all the reviews I wrote for Short Story Monday in 2015. Within those reviews you'll find links to the stories themselves. I hope you'll find it a good mix of world literature, genre fiction, flash fiction, stories written by well-known authors, stories by little-known authors, stories by surprising authors, entertaining and provocative stories. They are ranked from my least favourite to my favourite.

52. James Baldwin- "Sir Humphrey Gilbert"
51. Darth Marss- "The Life Tree"
50. Richard Rupnarain- "Where is the Mutton?"
49. John Scalzi - "An Election"
48. Lizzie Deas- "The Christmas Rose"
47. Hilary Boyd- "The Bed"
46. Jo Lennan- "How is Your Great Life?"
45. Aesop, translated by George Flyer Townshend- "The Fox and the Goat"
44. Charles Wilson- "Clipping Bud"
43. Jerome K. Jerome- "The Man Who Did Not Believe in Luck"
42. Kailee Carr- "Qu?ušin (Raven)"
41. Antonya Nelson- "Her Number"
40. Sophie Hannah- "The Tennis Church"
39. Jill Sexsmith- "Airplanes Couldn't be Happier in Turbulence
38. John Kendrick Bangs- "A Disputed Authorship"
37. Hans Christian Anderson- "The Brave Tin Soldier"
36. James Franco- "Just Before the Black"
35. Alec Niedenthal- "When the War was Over"
34. Jesse Eisenberg- "A Short Story Written with Thought to Text Technology"
33. Dania El-Kadi- "The Trophy Wife"
32. Sait Faik Abasiyanik- "Hisht, Hisht!"
31. Julian Gough- "The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble"
30. Joe Stretch- "Hartshill"
29. Storm DiCastanzo- "Through-street"
28. Jaynel Attolini- "Bologna"
27. Robb Walker- "Reawakenings"
26. Michael Vocino- "Robby. A Gay Short Story"
25. Rebecca Rosenblum- "Ms. Universe"
24. M. R. James- "Lost Hearts"
23. Abdellah Taïa, translated by Daniel Simon- "Turning Thirty"
22. ZZ Packer- "Gideon"
21. Kerissa Dickie- "Wild Flowers"
20. Jim Harrington- "Just Another Day"
19. Selina Brydson- "Downriver"
18. Edmundo Paz Soldán, translated by Kirk Nesset- "The Legend of Wei Li and the Emperor's Palace"
17. S. L. Green- "Cartwheels"
16. Omar El-Kiddi, translated by Robin Moger- "The Wonderful Short Life of the Dog Ramadan"
15. Michèle Thibeau- "Metamorphosis Interrupted"
14. Magela Baudoin- "Vertical Dream"
13. Dashdorjiin Natsagdorj, translated by A. Delgermaa- "Dark Rock"
12. Zora Neale Hurston- "Sweat"
11. Albert Camus- "The Renegade"

10. Renée Knight's "Faithful"
9. Pranaya Rana- "In the Hollow of Your Hands Hides a Heartbeat"
8. Lisa Moore- "The Challenges and Rewards of Re-entering the Workforce"
7. Aimee Bender- "The Rememberer"
6. Morgan Bailey- "Albeit for Small Mercies"
5. Lee Kvern- "In Search of Lucinda"
4. Ann Petry- "Like a Winding Sheet"
3. Jo Senior- "The Green Suitcase"
2. Katharine Brush- "The Birthday Party"
1. Kim Curran- "The Kiss"

Please consider joining me for Short Story Mondays in 2016.


Nikki in Niagara said...

Brilliant idea to post this list, John! I read a short story every morning with my cup of coffee. I think I'll add this to my official anthology collections to read this year.

Now, I've wondered about participating in your short story Mondays, but while I do read a story a day I don't post until I've read the entire anthology or collection. Would you be open to me posting sporadically when I have an ss collection recently posted to add the link to you short story Mondays?

FYI, this morning I'm settling in with "Mussolini and the Axeman's Jazz" by Poppy Z. Brite (1995).

Nikki in Niagara said...

PS: You should add a little image so this post can be Pinned :-)

John Mutford said...

Thanks Nicola! I've enjoyed a Poppy Z. Brite story or two. Yes, please participate. No need to do it regularly, just a Monday here or there. Collections are great and by all means, send a link my way when you've posted.

Also, great idea to add an image. I hope the one I've now added suffices!

Nikki in Niagara said...

Great! Pinned it!