Friday, January 08, 2016

Reader's Diary #1240- Jai Nitz (Writer), Janusz Pawlak (Artist)- Toshiro

Jai Nitz and Janusz Pawlak's Toshiro promises steampunk, zombies, robot samurai, and a Lovecraftian jellyfish invasion. As I type that out, I realize how much it sounds like a nightclub that Stefon might attend, but nonetheless it sounded pretty cool to me.

Too bad it didn't work better than it did. That many ideas needed some space to breathe and develop, but instead it felt too rushed, confusing at times, and all concept- no heart.

The art was good though. Mostly dark or muted colours, but heavy on the red to accentuate the cartoonish amount of violence, it worked for the themes and setting. Plus, the characters had a scratchy style that reminded me of Jeff Lemire's work, so you know I'm a fan.

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