Friday, January 01, 2016

The 9th Canadian Book Club- Halfway Point!

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to the halfway point of the 9th annual Canadian Book Challenge. Below you'll find all the books we've collectively read so far. Most of us are still chugging along, but some have already achieved the magic number of 13. Congrats to Teena, Pussreboots, Nicola, and Irene. I wish everyone a happy, healthy year and of course, lots of great reading.

Adamson, Gil
- The Outlander (John)

Albahari, David
- Götz and Meyer translated by Ellen Elias-Bursać (Shonna)

Alexis, Andre
- Fifteen Dogs (Melwyk, Shan)

Anderson, Chris
- Makers (Irene)

Arden, Jann
- I'll Tell You One Damn Thing, and That is All I Know! (Irene)

Armstrong, Kelley
- Deceptions (Jules)
- Omens (Pussreboots)
- The Masked Truth (Nicola)

Atwood, Margaret
- The Heart Goes Last (MaryR, Barbara)
- MaddAddam (Jules)
- Payback (Eric)
- Strange Things (Shonna)

Barclay, Linwood
- Broken Promise (Luanne, Nicola, Teena)
- Trust Your Eyes (Nicola)

Basar, Shumon, Douglas Coupland, Hans Ulrich Obrist
- The Age of Earthquakes (Douglas)

Bass, Karen
- Uncertain Soldier (Shonna)

Battershill, Andrew
- Pillow (Corey)

Becker, Helaine
- Dashing Through the Snow illustrated by Werner Zimmerman (Irene)

Bidulka, Anthony
- The Women of Skawa Island (Mysteries and More)

Blair, Peggy
- Hungry Ghosts (Luanne)

Blais, Marie-Claire
- Mad Shadows (Eric)

Blunt, Giles
- The Hesitation Cut (Luanne)

Bradley, Alan
- As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust (Nicola)

Brand, Dionne
- Ossuaries (Eric)

Bow, Erin
- The Scorpion Rules (Kim)

Buchanan, Dan
- Murder in the Family (Nicola)

Bursey, Jeff
- Mirrors on which Dust has Fallen (Corey)

Cameron, Anne
- South of an Unnamed Creek (Barb in BC)

Christie, Michael
- If I Fall, I Die (Heather)

Churchland, Marian
- Beauty in Beast (Leigha)

Clark, Joan
- The Birthday Lunch (Shonna)

Clarke, George Elliott
- Lush Dreams, Blue Exile (Eric)

Colford, Ian
- The Crimes of Hector Tomas (Corey)

Côté, Geneviève
- Bob's Hungry Ghosts (Pussreboots)

Cotter, Charis
- The Swallow (Pussreboots)

Cusk, Rachel
- Outline (Shan)

Cutter, Nick
- The Acolyte (Corey)
- The Deep (Corey)

Davidson, Craig
- Cataract City (Teena)

Davies, Robertson
- Murther and Walking Spirits (Kym)

De Castell, Sebastien
- Knight's Shadow (Swordsman)
- Traitor's Blade (Corey)

De Lint, Charles
- The Cats of Tanglewood Forest illustrated by Charles Vess (Pussreboots)

De Mariaffi, Elisabeth
- The Devil You Know (Angela)

Dennis, Darrell
- Peace Pipe Dreams (Heather)

De Sa, Anthony
- Barnacle Love (Angela)

Doctor, Farzana
- All Inclusive (Shan)

Donoghue, Emma
- Astray (Shonna)

Doyle, Alan
- Where I Belong (MaryR, Nicola)

Edugyan, Esi
- Half-blood Blues (Irene)

Edwards, Wallace
- Once Upon a Line (Shonna)

Fallis, Terry
- Poles Apart (Luanne)

Filion, Jon
- The Only Average Guy (Teena)

Fleischman, Kyle
- Drink Dirt Eat Stone (Teena)

Fradkin, Barbara
- The Whisper of Legends (Shonna)

Fraser, Sylvia
- Pandora (Barb in BC)

Gates, Eva
- Booked for Trouble (Mysteries and More)

Gault, Connie
- A Beauty (Melwyk)

Gaylard, Linda
- The Tea Book (Luanne)

George, Kallie
- Clover's Luck illustrated by Alexandra Bolger (Kim)

Glickman, Susan
- Safe as Houses (Shonna)

Govier, Katherine
- The Printmaker's Daughter (Pussreboots)

Graham, Genevieve
- Tides of Honour (Faith Hope and Cherry Tea)

Grant, Shauntay
- Up Home illustrated by Susan Tooke (Leigha)

Grant, Vicki
- Small Bones (Melwyk)

Gravel, Elise
- The Spider (Pussreboots)

Hadfield, Chris
- You Are Here (Kym)

Hanrahan, Maura
- Tsunami (Swordsman)

Hayter, Rhonda
- The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams (Pussreboots)

Hill, Lawrence
- The Illegal (Shan)

Herriot, Trevor
- The Road is How (Shonna)

Hooper, Emma
- Etta and Otto and Russell and James (MaryR)

Hopkinson, Nalo
- Falling in Love with Hominids (Shan)

Horvath, Polly
- Lord and Lady Bunny- Almost Royalty (Pussreboots)
- The Vacation (Pussreboots)

Hughes, Clara
- Open Heart, Open Mind (Teena, Swordsman)

Humphreys, C. C.
- Plague (Mysteries and More)

Humphreys, Jessica Dee and Michel Chikwanine
- Child Soldier illustrated by Claudia Davila (Nicola)

Hunter, J. T.
- The Country Boy Killer (Nicola)

Ingram, Mona
- Full Circle (Faith Hope and Cherry Tea)

Jennings, Maureen
- No Known Grave (Mysteries and More)

Jocelyn, Marthe
- A Big Dose of Lucky (Irene)
- Folly (Irene)

Jocelyn, Marthe and Richard Scrimger
- Viminy Crowe's Comic Book (Irene)

Juby, Susan
- The Truth Commission (Kim)

Kearsley, Susanna
- A Desperate Fortune (Melwyk)
- Named of the Dragon (Heather)

Kennedy, Elle
- One Night of Sin (JoAnne)

Kerrin, Jennifer
- The Spotted Dog Last Seen (Kim)

Kerzner, Liana and Jerome Stueart (editors)
- Wrestling with Gods (Corey)

Kim, Seo
- Cat Person (Shonna)

Kinew, Wab
- The Reason You Walk (Shan)

Koyczan, Shane
- To This Day (John)

Lansens, Lori
- The Mountain Story (Teena)

Leavitt, Martine
- Blue Mountain (Pussreboots)

Lemire, Jeff
- Animal Man, Volume 1 illustrated by Travel Foreman (Nicola)
- Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E, Vol. 1: War of the Monsters illustrated by Alberto Ponticelli (Nicola)
- Justice League United, Volume 1 illustrated by Mike McKone (John)

Lepp, Royden
- Rust: Death of the Rocket Boy (Pussreboots)
- Rust: Secrets of the Cell (Pussreboots)

Leznoff, Glenda
- Pigmalion illustrated by Rachel Berman (Pussreboots)

Lightfoot, Gordon
- Canadian Railroad Trilogy illustrated by Ian Wallace (Irene)

Lines, Kate
- Crime Seen (Teena)

Livingston, Leslie
- Once Every Never (Jules)

Livingstone, Billie
- Going Down Swinging (Jules)

MacDonald, Ann-Marie
- Fall on Your Knees (Melissa)

Mandel, Emily St. John
- The Singer's Gun (MaryR)
- Station Eleven (Barbara)

McClintock, Norah
- About that Night (Nicola)

McCoola, Marika
- Baba Yaga's Assistant illustrated by Emily Carroll (John)

McCreesh, Alison
- Ramshackle (John)

McCulloch, Bruce
- Let's Start a Riot (Teena)

McFetridge, John
- A Little More Free (Melwyk)

McKenzie, Catherine
- Arranged (Teena)
- Smoke (Luanne)

McNish, Jacquie and Sean Silcoff
- Losing the Signal (Swordsman)

Messer, Wendel
- Farmers Market (Melissa Lee)

Mighton, John
- Possible Worlds (Eric)

Milner, Donna
- A Place Called Sorry (Luanne)

Mitchell, Joni
- In Her Own Words with Malka Marom (Irene)

Mochrie, Colin
- Not Quite the Classics (Nicola)

Monk, Katherine
- The Creative Odyssey of Joni Mitchell (Irene)

Montgomery, Charles
- Happy City (Shonna)

Montgomery, Lucy Maud
- Anne of the Island (Faith, Hope, and Cherrytea)
- Anne of Green Gables (Kym)
- Anne of Green Gables narrated by Kate Harper (Sharon)

Moore, Lisa
- Alligator (Jules)

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
- Signal to Noise (Kim Aippersbach, Corey)

Mosca, Angelo with Steve Milton
- Tell Me to My Face (Swordsman, Teena)

Munro, Alice
- Too Much Happiness (Angela)
- Who Do You Think You Are? (Eric)

Nawaz, Saleema
- Bread and Bone (Angela, Corey)

Nielsen, Susin
- We Are All Made of Molecules (Kim)

North, Ryan
- Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Power illustrated by Erica Henderson (John)

Ollmann, Joe
- Science Fiction (Pussreboots)

O'Malley, Bryan Lee
- Seconds (Pussreboots)

Oldland, Nicholas
- Up the Creek (Shonna)

Ondaatje, Michael
- The Cat's Table (Eric)

O'Neill, Heather
- Daydreams of Angels (Shan)

Oppel, Kenneth
- The Nest illustrated by Jon Klassen (Kim)

Peacock, Shane
- Last Message (Pussreboots)

Pearson, Kit
- And Nothing but the Truth (Melissa)

Penny, Louise
- The Long Way Home (MaryR)
- The Nature of the Beast (Shonna)

Reid, Barbara
- The Party (Irene)

Reid, Raziel
- When Everything Feels Like the Movies (Barbara)

Robertson, David Alexander
- The Peacemaker Thanadelthur illustrated by Wai Tien (John)
- Betty illustrated by Scott B. Henderson (John)

Robinson, Peter
- No Cure for Love (Luanne)

Robson, Jennifer
- After the War is Over (Melissa)

Rogers, Stan
- Northwest Passage illustrated by Matt James (Leigha)

Roman, Peter
- The Dead Hamlets (Corey)

Roy, Gabrielle
- The Cashier (Eric)
- Street of Riches (Eric, Sharon)

Roy, Zoë S.
- Calls Across the Pacific (Shonna, Nicola)

Sachs, David
- The Flood (Heather)

Schofield, Anakana
- Martin John (Shan)

Selleck, Lee and Francis Thompson
- Dying for Gold (John)

Sheluk, Judy Penz
- The Hanged Man's Noose (Melissa Lee)

Simpson, Jon Chan
- Chinkstar (Shan)

Smith, Dennison
- Eye of the Day (Shonna)

Smith, Neil
- Boo (Barb in BC, Eric)

Smith, Russell
- Confidence (Shan, Eric)

Somer, Bradley
- Fishbowl (Melwyk)

Soo, Kean
- March Grand Prix: The Fast and the Furriest (Nicola)

Stevens, Chevy
- Always Watching (Teena)
- Never Knowing (Teena)
- The Other Side (Teena)
- Those Girls (Teena)

Stratton, Allan
- The Dogs (Luanne)

Stroud, Carsten
- The Stroud (Corey)

Swinney, C. L.
- The Killer Handyman: William Patrick Fyfe (Nicola)

Sun, Amanda
- Rain (Pussreboots)

Sweeney, Susan
- Social Media for Business (MaryR)

Tamaki, Mariko
- This One Summer illustrated by Jillian Tamaki (Leigha, Pussreboots)

Thúy, Kim
Ru translated by Sheila Fishmann (Melissa)

Toews, Miriam
- All My Puny Sorrows (Barbara)

Torres, J.
- Teen Titans Go: Thunder and Lightning Strike (Nicola)

Towhey, Mark and Johanna Schneller
- Mayor Rob Ford: Uncontrollable (Teena)

Townsin, Troy
- Canadian Jingle Bells (Irene)

Tsaing, Sarah
- The Night Children illustrated by Delphine Bodet (Nicola)

Urquhart, Jane
 - The Night Stages (Eric)

Vax-Oxlade, Gail
- Money Rules (Irene)

Waboose, Jan Bourdeau
- Sky Sisters (Irene)

Walton, Jo
- My Real Children (Kim)
- Tooth and Claw (Kim)

Wan, Michelle
- I.O.U. Dead (Nicola)

Warwick, Ellen and Kim Smith
- The Twelve Days of Christmas in Canada (Teena, Swordsman)

Watt, Melanie
- Augustine (Irene)
- Bug in a Vacuum (Luanne)
- Chester (Irene)
- Jaguars (Irene)

Watt-Cloutier, Sheila
- The Right to be Cold (John)

Wiebe, Kurtis J.
- Rat Queens Vol 2: The Far Reaching Tentacles of N'Rygoth (Nicola)

Wiersema, Robert J. 
- Black Feathers (Corey, Melwyk)

Wilson, Robert Charles
- The Affinities (MaryR)

Withers, Pam
- Andreo's Race (Nicola)

Youers, Rio
- Point Hollow (Corey)

Young, Neil
- Special Deluxe (Irene)

*Please note that there are a lot of links, reviews, and names to keep track of and understand that I'm just one person doing this challenge out of love but with other more pressing responsibilities. With that in mind, there are likely to be some mistakes above. If you see one, please don't take it personally, just send me a quick email clarifying the error and I'd be more than happy to fix it. :)


Teena in Toronto said...

Excellent progress at the halfway point, everyone!

raidergirl3 said...

Jeepers, I just realized I never joined up this year. How could that happen? I was reading lots of Canadian books since July (read 13, reviewed about 6) but I think I was keeping track of the Bingo Reading Eh challenge.
Better late than never I suppose. I'm going to retroactively join, and post my reviews. Be right back.

Mary R. said...

Great overview of everyone's reading! Thanks for putting this together.