Monday, February 08, 2016

Reader's Diary #1257- Elodie Harper: Wild Swimming

Elodie Harper's "Wild Swimming" was the winner of a Guardian short story contest judged by Stephen King. You'd be correct then to suspect it's horror. But you probably weren't expecting something set in Lithuania, nor the events that transpire there. And have you ever heard of the extreme sport of wild swimming? Me neither.

If all of that isn't interesting enough, it's also told as an epistolary short story via emails.

Whew, with all of that going for it, it would almost be forgiven if the story itself was poorly written. Fortunately, it's engaging the whole way through.

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Nikki in Niagara said...

Now that sounds intriguing!!

I've been spending morning coffee with Ambrose Bierce lately and just posted the collection I finished the other day.