Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Reader's Diary #1258- Hope Nicholson (Editor): Moonshot / The Indigenous Comics Collection Volume 1

Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection is a wonderful sampling of comic art and stories written by and/or/with indigenous creators across North America (with the larger portion being Canadian). It features my recent discovery and newly crowned favourite comics illustrator, David Mack, and a few others familiar to me: Richard Van Camp, David Alexander Robertson, and I was also pleased to discover new artists that I'd not come across before.

The end result has so much wonderful variety, with art ranging from very comic-book traditional to stuff unlike I'd seen anywhere else. Likewise with the stories; some are traditional tales, some are horror and sci-fi, and some (deliciously) combine all of the above.

Some stories feel more complete while others feel like excerpts. That's not a critique: at the end of the collection biographies are included of all of the creators. There are many here that I will definitely follow up with and check out more of their work.


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Barbara Bruederlin said...

This sounds like a collection that is long overdue. Indigenous art and literature are being increasingly celebrated, it seems to me, and this is also long overdue.