Monday, February 15, 2016

Reader's Diary #1259- Charlene Carr: One Good Thing

I came across Charlene Carr's name in a story about (a surprisingly large number of) Newfoundland romance writers. Checking out her website, I came across the short story, "One Good Thing." I don't think I'd classify it as romance, at least not in the stereotypical way, but it is an engaging dramatic tale.

Small town troubles (done very well, I might add) and a violent episode that turns even worse thanks to a freak accident should be enough to keep any reader enthralled, but what I keep returning to is the insightful way Carr handles "the bad guy." Or in this case, the bad guys. Call it 2 shades of grey if you want, but Carr practically destroys the good versus evil dichotomy. Depicting two men, both of whom society has already determined are villains as having incredibly different personalities, provided a much richer and complex story than I'd expected.

Just as not all villains are created equal I suppose, nor are romance writers.

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