Friday, February 19, 2016

Reader's Diary #1262- Alex de Campi (Writer), Fernando Ruiz (Art): Archie vs. Predator

There's a lot said in the introduction and afterword of the bizarre crossover Archie vs. Predator about how it is drawn in the traditional Archie style, most often this is in reference to the zombie-infested Afterlife with Archie series which has its own unique style.

They are right, of course, that seeing the brightly-coloured and friendly smiling cartoon faces of Archie and the gang splattered in blood, getting their spines ripped out, and so forth is a bit jarring. In that regard, there's no denying the incongruously fun blood-lust of Archie vs. Predator.

But in the end, that's really all this comic has going for it. Afterlife with Archie (hey, they brought it up), is just as subversive (actually more so), but also has better visuals, better story telling, and is a genuine work of art. Archie vs. Predator is Archie + violence.

I suppose if you were a predator fan, you'd be a little more into this book. I remember enjoying the original Arnold Schwarzenegger/ Jesse "the Body" Ventura film back when I was a kid. Then the sequel with Danny Glover came out. It stank and I thought the world was done with the Predator. It's only in more recent years that someone decided we needed more Predator (Alien vs Predator???) and here we are.

Still, I enjoy weird crossovers and I can get behind "just fun." Who would you like to see Archie and the gang encounter next? Freddy Krueger? ISIS?

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