Thursday, February 25, 2016

Reader's Diary #1265- Emily Carroll: Through the Woods

I'd come across Emily Carroll's Through the Woods so many times through the Graphic Novels and Manga Challenge, that I had to finally give it a read for myself. And I can see why so many are drawn to it.

The art is superb. With rich, almost overly inked colours, selectively chosen to give each panel its own mood, the book is gorgeous. Stylistically, her characters are very Gorey-ish, again fitting for a book a macabre tales. The setting seems of a time gone by, when the best ghost tales were told. Perhaps Victorian England, or New England. Perhaps the 1920s flapper era. Hardly matters. 6 stories all revolving in or near an ever-creepy woods.

I'm not sure all the stories work equally. The first, My Neighbour's House, left me a little confused, to be honest definitely not the strongest to start with. But stories like "His Face All Red" are so good  you just know you'll be adding them to your next round of campfire ghost stories. The last story, "The Nesting Place" is also great, though I'd have to say, felt somewhat out of place; more Lovecraft than Brothers Grimm. As problems go, you could do a lot worse than that!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Now I feel like roasting some marshmallows and hearing some scary tales! It sounds like this would be a fine place to start.

Kailana said...

I read this a couple years ago and really loved it. I am glad you got a chance to read it!