Monday, March 07, 2016

Reader's Diary #1271- Kimberley Jean Smith: BOOM!

Recalling that I have a love for short stories written in the 2nd person and that I haven't read one in a while, I went looking for one online yesterday. And I looked and I looked. While it was easy enough to find writing coaches suggesting to give it a shot as a creative challenge, I could find almost no one who actually had. Finally I came upon Kimberley Jean Smith's "BOOM!"

Then I read that it was about a parent (and as it's 2nd person, that parent would be me), losing a child unexpectedly I almost didn't read it. Over the past few Short Story Mondays, I've been accidentally finding morbid and depressing short stories. They've been good, mind you, but a lot to handle. Then, last week I read Tom Hart's memoir about losing his daughter. Again, a great book, but I've had my fill of sadness.

With trepidation, I gave "BOOM!" a go. And while it was depressing, I'm still glad I read it. It was written really well and the choice of 2nd person is brilliant. The 2nd person POV is not entirely believable and that's why it works so well. I didn't feel like I'd become a mother who lost a kid via an unfortunate fireworks accident, but I did feel that this mother is self-reflecting, using the 2nd person to almost create a distance from her pain.

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