Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Reader's Diary #1273- Judd Winick (Writer), Guillem March (artist)- Catwoman / The Game Vol.1

I'd be okay with a tall, slender, big-breasted female superhero if there were a balance of other body types represented in such comics. (There's not.) I'm okay with a female superhero liking sex. Why shouldn't she? But sigh, sigh, sigh for Judd Winick and Guillem March's Catwoman: The Game Vol. 1.

First let's talk about that cover. This was drawn for straight, horny adolescent males, not for Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) to show how confident she is with her sexuality. Her boobs are hanging out (as they will in a ridiculous number of panels throughout the book) and those... "diamonds" spilling over her chest? Diamonds make no appearance in the plot whatsoever. It's one of the most pathetic, gratuitous things I've ever seen in comics.

Which is unfortunate beyond the obvious sexism issues because Winick's story isn't half bad and gets sold short because of those issues. Not that he's entirely off the hook. Selina is also problematically unable to resist Batman. Granted it's her comic not Batman, and one might assume that Batman is likewise unable to resist her, but that's the problem— you have to assume that part. Unbalanced as it is, it presents her as weak where Batman is concerned.

If you can get past all of that shit (and I can totally see why someone might not be able to), the action is good and Selina is quite a compelling character, despite her makers.


Loni said...

That's sucky that the art overshadows the story. Though I haven't had the "over-sexed" complaints with my recent graphic novels, I have been jolted by changes in art.

If you want a comic with more realistic body types, you should try Squirrel Girl. I actually haven't read it yet, but I kind of love the cover and I've only heard good things.

John Mutford said...

I heart Squirrel Girl!. I'd even proudly wear a Squirrel Girl t-shirt if they made one in my size/age/gender.

Loni said...

Bah! Sorry I missed that post. So, I definitely have to read it. I'd also wear Squirrel Girl merch.

She's actually on the new Marvel Spider-Man cartoon. My kids watch it. She's awesome. There's an episode where her, Spider-Man and Luke Cage run around New York looking for a burrito (or some kind of food because they're hungry), but SHIELD can't know because they'll get in trouble.